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The OCTAVIAN-600 diode laser produced in Korea with a wavelength of 808 nm is a universal tool for the cosmetologist, able to quickly and accurately perform permanent hair removal, without causing the client any discomfort or pain during the treatment. The device is designed for the permanent epilation of any type of hair on the skin of the type I-VI and is able to quickly and permanently save visitors to the salon from the annoying hair on the face or body with maximum efficiency . It is able to perform procedures equally effectively on any part of the body without causing pain or discomfort.

This model has excellent functionality thanks to its design features and the use of components from the best brands in the world. During the creation of the device, the designers used CPC (hose connection) connectors and DILAS laser diode units made in Germany, cooling and switching elements from Japan, sapphire crystals made in the United States, imported low noise water pumps from Italy, etc. For example, Italian filters with a hole diameter of 0.1 mm, reverse osmosis technology and water deionization are used in the closed liquid cooling circuit of the appliance, which has made it possible to extend the period between liquid changes refrigerant to one year. The use of first-class components and advanced technological solutions has allowed the manufacturer to increase the laser resource to over 20,000,000 pulses with a 1-year guarantee period or 10,000,000 pulses.

Main characteristics of the OCTAVIAN-600 808 nm model

Diode laser for hair removal OCTAVIAN-600 808 nm has a series of design features that provide good performance and high-speed execution of hair removal procedures on all areas of the skin. The range of wavelengths used is the most versatile thanks to the good penetrating power of radiation and the most intense effect on the melanocytes contained in the hair follicles.

The main features that provide the device with first-order possibilities for carrying out the procedures are:

high maximum output power of the beam with the possibility of changing the laser intensity within very wide limits;

wide range of frequency regulation, duration of light flashes;

the possibility of using a hose with different dimensions of the light point;

use of numerous complementary cooling systems of the equipment, which allow to stabilize the parameters and extend their life;

low minimum temperature of cooling in contact with the tissues, avoiding the occurrence of pain sensations and protecting the dermis from burns;

large touch screen with convenient intuitive menu system.

Speaking of the management of the device for epilation and the setting of its methods, it is necessary to focus separately on the control menu. For adjustment, different levels are used, which allow you to select the required preset settings as easily as possible and, if necessary, make changes to the parameters. In the initial phase, the operator indicates the person's gender, then proceeds to select the treatment areas. By selecting a specific body region in the menu, the operator accesses the detailed adjustment menu, where he can modify any session parameter proposed automatically. Here you can choose the power levels and the intensity required, change the time parameters, set the cooling temperature, the number of flashes generated, other important values ​​for effective treatment. In this way, the operator can simply use, as typical (preset) the settings for each type of procedure, or make the necessary changes at the last stage based on the individual characteristics of the customer's skin.

In order to increase the efficiency of specialists with a new device, our company carries out training for customers on how to use the equipment. Then, by purchasing OCTAVIAN-600 808 nm on the EMS Beauty website, the buyer receives free training, which can be carried out at the company's training center or remotely - in the form of a video conference.

Main parameters of OCTAVIAN-600:

Wavelength, 808 nm

Power, W 600

Energy, J / cm2 1-160

Frequency, Hz 1-10

Pulse width, ms 5 - 400

Spot size, mm 10х10, 12х12, 10х18, 12х20, optional - 15х27

TEC cooling + water + air + semiconductor + sapphire

Crystal temperature, -5 ~ +5 ° C

Power supply 220В / 110В 50 - 60Гц

8.4 inch color touch screen display

Menu languages ​​English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian

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