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For the attention of the beauty industry specialists, the website presents the ESTI-80 photoepilation apparatus with innovative SHR technology. Equipment capabilities will please even the most demanding customers.

Functional Features

The main feature of the ESTI-80 system is a combination of two technologies:

IPL or IPL + RF (ELOS, E-light, optional)

The acronym IPL stands for High Intense Pulsed Light. This method uses light in various ranges. The principle of operation is based on selective photothermolysis: the pigment absorbs light and is destroyed by overheating, resulting in the death of the hair follicle. It is worth noting that the hair does not fall out immediately, but after a few days or weeks, thereby marking the death of the hair follicle. Due to the effect on melanin (pigment), the method is used only for epilation of dark hair on fair skin.


The acronym SHR stands for Super Hair Removal. This technology is innovative - its essence is in-motion processing. The peculiarity of the technique is that it gradually heats the hair with more frequent pulses, although for a longer time. In this case, the patient does not experience absolutely any discomfort, receiving targeted treatment and, accordingly, an excellent result. The greatest advantage of SHR technology is that it removes any type of hair on any type of skin.

Indications for use

Based on the above information, it is not surprising that the system manages to perform the following list of manipulations:

unwanted hair removal;

decrease in the severity of age spots;

treatment of vascular lesions;

elimination of freckles;

smoothing fine lines and wrinkles;

restoration of skin tone, increasing its firmness and elasticity.

Processing, due to the available set of maniples, can be performed on any part of the face and body.

Model benefits

The competitive advantages of ESTI-80 are:

An excellent combination of two technologies in one device, due to which your investments return quickly to you.

Due to the wide range of available waves, the range of applications is wider, which means a greater flow of customers and quick payback of equipment.

The large spot size provides fast processing of even large areas of the body.

A perfect cooling system prevents any overheating, avoiding burns, and makes the procedure painless for the patient.

SHR technology provides removal of any type of hair, which will attract new customers.

The system warns of problems and automatically shuts down when they are detected.

And the presence of an intelligent interface makes the device incredibly easy to use.


 Direct deliveries from manufacturers provide us with a low purchase price, due to which the cost of our equipment is an order of magnitude lower than in other stores in the country. In addition, we provide free training in operating rules.

To place an order, contact the store manager. To do this, leave a request or call the numbers listed on the site.

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