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Every self-respecting cosmetologist has heard of HIFU 3D, an innovative device for various face and body treatments. We, at EMS Beauty, are pleased to present you even more advanced technology - the HIFU 4D. With it, you can expand the capabilities of your cosmetology business.

Technology features

HIFU technology consists in starting rejuvenation processes using high-intensity focused ultrasound. How this happens: HIFU energy heats the tissue, resulting in compression of the collagen protein and the skin is instantly tightened. And the creation of thermocoagulation points during processing contributes to the further synthesis of collagen and elastin, due to which it is possible to achieve a noticeable and lasting effect.

The peculiarity of 4D HIFU is that its technology is more perfect due to the greater power of ultrasound and its ability to penetrate into deeper tissues. Thus, it is possible to influence the muscle-aponeurotic layer more intensively, and, moreover, in two modes: slow and fast.

At present, 4D HIFU technology is considered the most advanced and safest for correcting age-related changes in people of all ages. And the effect of the procedure lasts from 18 to 24 months.

Application in cosmetology

Using the 4D HIFU, you can perform the following procedures:

skin tightening;

restoration of firmness and elasticity of tissues;

smoothing wrinkles of any depth;

face contour modeling;

elimination of the effects of photoaging;

breast lift and slowing down its aging processes;

body contour modeling;

weight loss;

a decrease in severity or complete smoothing of cellulite.

A set of 7 cartridges allows processing on any part of the face and body. And the main feature of 4D HIFU is that each of its cartridges is capable of generating 25,000 shots. This is his difference from 3D, which is capable of only 10,000 shots.

Interested in the presented device? Leave a request on the site, and the store manager will contact you during business hours to provide additional advice and assistance when placing an order.

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