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To the attention of European specialists on the website ems-beauty the universal device HIFU 7D was presented. The capabilities of the system open up new treatment options for the cosmetologist. 

Purpose of the equipment

The HIFU 7D device is an innovative system for facial skin rejuvenation and correction of figure imperfections. The system generates temperature energy in the range of 65-75 degrees Celsius, which causes the denaturation of old collagen fibers and stimulates the synthesis of new ones. At the same time, the surrounding skin remains intact, and the procedure itself takes place without pain. In sum, these factors make it possible to achieve bright results without the need for even a short period of rehabilitation. 

The HIFU 7D system is equipped with 2 manipulators and 7 cartridges, which allows you to carry out treatments on any part of the face and body, and cope with such conditions:

ptosis of soft tissues;

reduced elasticity and elasticity of facial and body tissues;

sagging and sagging skin;

creases, wrinkles and fine lines;

”floating" contours of the face and body;

double chin;

scars, striae, scars;


fat deposits. 

It is possible to achieve the best results in 2-3 procedures due to the high speed and accuracy of processing. And the patented technology allows processing even on the most delicate areas, such as the area around the eyes. Among other things, the user-friendly working interface makes this device the best choice of a cosmetologist for today. 

Are you interested in the HIFU 7D device? Then order it at the best price through the online store "EMS-Beauty". Here you can learn how to work with the system for free and get a certificate after completing the courses. You will also be provided with a warranty card. 

To clarify all the details you are interested in, leave a request on the website and expect a call from the manager in the near working hours. 

Device parameters

Number of manipulators - 2 pieces

Cartridges - 1,5/2/3/4,5/6/9/13 mm

The resource of cartridges - for the face - 20,000 pulses, for the body - 30,000 pulses

Pulse energy - 0.1-0.3 J

The distance between the points is 1-2 mm

Pulse area - 5-25 mm

Output power - 150 Watts

Voltage - 100 V, 50 Hz / 240 V, 60 Hz

Warranty - 12 months

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