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As you know, HIFU technology is one of the most popular services on the market for the rejuvenation of tissues, correction of age-related changes in the face and other types of cosmetic procedures. High-intensity focused ultrasound allows you to literally work miracles and allows you to return youth to cosmetology salons in a matter of seconds. But, since emitters of ultrasonic waves during operation can lose their original properties, cosmetologists are faced with the problem of returning the initial parameters to rather expensive and popular equipment. The problem is associated with a gradual decrease in the intensity of the emitted ultrasonic waves. Until recently, replaceable HIFU cartridges practically didn’t come to the territory of our country, which made the device owners a rather unpleasant choice - to buy new equipment or reduce the quality of services provided.

Today, the company offers cosmetology salons the opportunity to restore the efficiency of devices with minimal time and financial costs. In our online store you can purchase original interchangeable (additional) emitters for high-intensity focused ultrasound devices, which will allow specialists to prevent a decrease in the efficiency of the equipment. We offer custom-made delivery of original HIFU ultrasonic cartridges with a working life of 5000 pulses. The time for receipt of these parts by the buyer is 3-4 weeks from the moment of placing the order. Small enough for high-quality cartridges, the price will allow the owners of the devices not only to restore the operability of the devices with a guarantee of quality, but also make it possible to purchase several spare copies of these replaceable units that are very important for the effective operation.

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