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The functional principle
The effect of high-intensity, focused ultrasound wave resulting from the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy (heat) at precisely adjustable depth of penetration into the tissue with the focusing of energy at a particular depth of the tissue. The focused ultrasound is, apart from gamma rays, the only way a non-invasive and safe specifically penetrate into deep layers of the skin and thus enables the non-invasive treatment of deep layers.
Especially important when lifting is targeted intensive action on the SMAS. SMAS stands for Superficial Muscular Aponeurosis system. In a face-lift, special attention is paid to this structure. There is broad consensus among experts that this layer of tissue must undergo a streamlining in order to achieve long-lasting and effective results.
The HIFU technology allows scanning of skin layers in up to 4.5 mm in depth, opening up the non-invasive treatment techniques access to the lifting on SMAS level. The intense focused ultrasonic waves are able to penetrate tissue to great depths, without damaging it and without scattering, ie, largely without losses and therefore very efficiently act on the deep layers of tissue. By the heat generated Koagulationszentren arise in the deep layers of the skin and lead to a contraction of tissue structures. This leads to the desired long-lasting lifting. Moreover, while the synthesis of structural proteins collagen and elastin is stimulated. Collagen is a only multicellular animals (including man), occurring mainly structural protein of the connective tissue (more precisely, the extracellular matrix). In the human body, collagen is the most abundant protein with about 30% share of the total mass of all proteins. It is an important organic part of the connective tissue (bones, teeth, cartilage, tendons, ligaments) and the skin. Collagen consists of individual, long collagen molecules (protein chains), which form a left-handed helix. Collagen fibers possess an enormous tensile strength and are hardly stretchable. The winding density is decisive for the high tensile strength of collagen fibers. Elastin is a fibrous protein in vertebrates. It is one of the structural proteins, because it is responsible in its capacity for shaping and support, in particular, it ensures the extensibility of large blood vessels such as the aorta. The chemical composition of elastin is similar to those of collagen. Unlike collagen elastin is elastically stretchable. Elastin occurs frequently in the lung, in the skin and in blood vessels and adds this elasticity.
Since the treatment by means of HIFU technology stimulates the natural physiological processes of treatment success in the course of applications is constantly increasing. Treatment using HIFU technology delivers unlike laser or pulsed light treatments regardless of skin type equally outstanding results.

Ultrasound machine HIFU 450 - Parameters

frequency penetration depth layer application
4 МHz 4.5 mm Superficial Muscular Aponeurosis System Thick skin of the cheeks
7 МHz 4.5 mm Superficial Muscular Aponeurosis System Thin skin of the forehead, the chin, the neck
8 МHz 3.0mm Central layers of the skin Activation of the synthesis of collagen, pores and wrinkles reduction
10 МHz 1.5mm Superficial layers of the skin (epidermis) Activation of the thin epidermal tissue

Working with the ultrasound machine HIFU 450 takes place in two steps.

In the first step, a so-called ultrasonic visualization takes place. On the big screen of the device, the deep layers of the skin of the treated area to be visualized and then analyzed in order to define a precise selection of the optimal penetration depth can.

In the second step, the treatment is carried out with intensity focused ultrasound waves under permanent visual control of the operating personnel. Depending on the desired depth of penetration or by selecting the layer of skin to be treated one of the four Ausätze is selected.

Benefits of treatment with the HIFU technology

The HIFU unit 450 with the ultrasound treatments carried out are, in contrast to the traditional lifting methods, all non-invasively, ie there are carried out neither surgery nor injections.

The high-intensity ultrasonic waves are able even in deeper layers of the skin, especially to the SMAS level down (Superficial Muscular Aponeurosis System) to penetrate.

By means of focusing the penetration depth of the high-intensity ultrasonic waves are very precisely predetermined.

Wide range of applications: from the local and thorough rejuvenation through to resolve problems of the fabric and the skin.

Minimum, non-invasive treatment.

Can be in any age in both men and women employed.

Completely free of side effects. It is only locally felt a slight warming.

The design of the device excludes operating errors in treating almost.

Sophisticated control system by ultrasound visualization.


Pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding.


Infectious diseases.

Skin diseases to be treated skin areas.

Presence of metallic objects in the area of skin to be treated. Dental implants can be covered (

"Golden threads" mean not a contraindication.

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