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The company "EMS Beauty" presents to your attention an advanced device HIFU - HIPRO. The capabilities of the device allows not only to effectively deal with age-related changes, but also to model the figure, getting rid ... Read more...

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high-intensity focused ultrasound machine
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The company "EMS Beauty" presents to your attention an advanced device HIFU - HIPRO. The capabilities of the device allows not only to effectively deal with age-related changes, but also to model the figure, getting rid of body fat.

Indications for use

The Hipro device is designed to perform the following manipulations:

elimination of age-related changes;

treatment of soft tissue ptosis;

elimination of circles and bags under the eyes;

smoothing facial and deep wrinkles;

non-surgical tightening of sagging, sagging skin;

restoration of reduced skin tone;

modeling of a “floating” face contour;

removal of local fat deposits.

The main advantage of HIFU technology is that in order to achieve the result, only one procedure is required. Immediately after it, the effect of rejuvenation will be pronounced, but a second session can be prescribed if age-related changes are serious enough. It is worth noting that SMAS lifting, although it is a non-invasive method, is considered a worthy alternative to surgical braces, since the effect lasts up to five years. Of course, with a healthy lifestyle and no stress.

Operating principle

HIFU technology translates as high-intensity focused ultrasound. The main objective of ultrasonic exposure is the SMAS system. It is a subcutaneous structure consisting of elastin, collagen fibers and fat cells that connects muscles to the skin.

Collagen and elastin are known to consist of protein compounds, and protein is “afraid” of high temperatures. Hipro generates ultrasonic waves of a certain frequency, heating the SMAS layer to a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius. From heating, the protein coagulates, collagen is compressed, which provides an instant lifting effect. But, in addition to this, HIFU creates points of thermocoagulation on the skin.

Through them, the body starts the mechanisms of regeneration, while synthesizing new collagen and elastin. Therefore, the effect of the procedure is growing - the method aims to rejuvenate the body at the expense of its own resources. Over the next few months, fine lines will be smoothed out, wrinkles, cheekbones will become sharper, the skin will no longer hang over the eyes and become more elastic, supple, young and healthy.

It is important to note that with Hipro it is possible to remove local fat deposits on any part of the body. The destruction of the connective tissue of fat cells allows you to simulate a figure for many years.

Benefits of buying

The Hipro device stands out among other equipment models by a number of advantages:

It is approved by the FDA, which confirms its absolute safety.

The manipulation is completely painless for the patient, so there is no need for anesthesia or a cooling system.

Since the technology is non-invasive, there is no rehabilitation period after the procedure.

The presence of cartridges for the body allows the cosmetologist to carry out manipulations to correct the figure, eliminating local fat deposits.

The procedure can be performed on any skin phototype, regardless of the time of year.

Each of the replaceable cartridges is equipped with a resource for 10 thousand flashes. If necessary, the specialist can use only half the line of exposure when processing small areas.

The installation itself is characterized by noiseless operation, minimal power consumption and a sleek design that will fit into any interior.


The SMAS lifting procedure is not performed with these contraindications:

malignant neoplasms;

dermatological diseases;

infectious diseases;

inflammatory and purulent processes on the skin;

damage to the integrity of the skin;

tendency to keloid scarring;

oncological diseases;

bleeding disorder;

integrated pacemaker;

the presence of silicone or metal implants;

pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding.

The ban on the procedure in the presence of contraindications is placed only for the good of the patient's health, so as not to provoke side effects.

Purchase device

You can order the Hipro device at the most favorable price on the website massage-systems.com.ua. With us you are guaranteed to receive a certified installation, the safety of which is confirmed by clinical trials. And its cost is affordable, since we directly cooperate with manufacturers, therefore, we do not overestimate prices in comparison with other stores.

In addition, you can learn to work with the purchased device for free. Our specialists conduct training courses at our head office or via Skype, upon completion of which you will be issued a certificate.

When you purchase for installation, a guarantee is provided that will provide you with service. And you can arrange delivery to all cities and regional centers of Ukraine. To place an order, contact the store manager on the phones that you see on the site. Or leave a request, and we will contact you during business hours.

Supply voltage, V 110-220
Type high-intensity focused ultrasound machine
Weight, kg 45
Dimensions, cm 35х54,9х102,7
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