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If you are looking for convenient and functional equipment for hydro-peeling, the HYDROIMPACT PLUS device is presented to your attention on the ems-beauty.com website. The capabilities of the device will please even experienced professionals.

Equipment advantages

HYDROIMPACT PLUS is a hydrogen peeling device that combines three techniques. The skin is affected simultaneously by three technologies: vacuum, microdermabrasion and oxygen therapy. Thus, it is possible to cleanse the skin, refresh it and rejuvenate it with the help of one device.

This happens in three stages. First, the skin is cleaned with disposable ribbed nozzles, which are selected individually for the patient. Serums or drugs are then injected under the pressure of water saturated with ions. Due to the size of the ions, the products are better absorbed by the skin, providing the desired effect. At the same time, a vacuum is activated, which increases the elasticity of the skin.

The advantage of the method is that the patient does not experience pain during treatment and side effects after it. Due to this, the technology is suitable even for sensitive skin at any age. And it is possible to carry out processing at any time of the year. This makes hydropeeling an incredibly popular method that benefits both the patient and the salon owner.

Indications for use

The hydrogen peeling device is effectively used to combat various conditions:

clogged and enlarged pores;

comedones and blackheads;

acne and acne;

inflammatory processes;

post-acne and scars;

reduced skin immunity;

dry skin, lack of oxygen in the cells;

wrinkles and fine lines;

reduced skin tone;

slow microcirculation and metabolic processes.

A positive effect is achieved in 6-8 procedures. The exact amount depends on the patient's individual problem, skin type and age.

Buy a hydrogen peeling machine

If you are interested in the HYDROIMPACT PLUS system, please contact the EMS-Beauty online store. Here you can purchase it at an affordable price and learn the rules of operation for free. Training can be completed in a format convenient for you, and after its completion a certificate is issued. It will be useful when working with patients.

When buying, a guarantee is provided that will provide you with service in case of breakdowns. And you can order delivery to all parts of the country. To find out the necessary details, leave a request on the website, and our manager will call you back during business hours.

Machine Settings

Dimensions - 52x41x12.5 cm

Net weight - 39 kg

Voltage - 110-240 V

Hydro-W - dissolved

Hydrogen concentration - 1000-1200 ppb

Power - MF: 60 (Max) / EL: 37V (Max)

Water volume - 2000 ml

Warranty - 1 year

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