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A modern hydrodermabrasion device HYDRO VITAL is presented to the attention of European specialists on the website ems-beauty.com. The functional features of the system will allow you to cope with skin imperfections much faster and more efficiently.

Pros of choice

The HYDRO VITAL system is a hydro-peeling equipment. This method is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive, because it acts gently on it. During the session, the vacuum draws out all impurities from the skin, reducing inflammation. Then the skin is treated with vitamin serums, saturating it with useful elements. In general, the hydrodermabrasion apparatus is designed for various manipulations:

cleansing of clogged pores and their narrowing;

removal of surface dirt and dead cells;

increasing the immune barrier of the skin;

reduction of inflammation, treatment of acne and acne;

smoothing scars and post-acne;

skin lightening, improvement of its tone;

solution of the problem of pigmentation of various origins;

increased cell oxygenation and deep tissue hydration;

activation of microcirculation and lymphatic drainage;

acceleration of metabolic processes;

increased skin tone.

To achieve a lasting result, a course of 6-8 procedures is required. But if the patient has an important event planned, one procedure will improve the color and condition of the skin. And the rehabilitation period is not required - immediately after the session, a person can return to their usual activities.

Contraindications for use

Despite all the advantages of the system, its use can be harmful if a person has contraindications to treatment. These include:

mechanical damage to the skin;

inflammatory processes in the area of ​​manipulation;

dermatological diseases;

benign neoplasms at the treatment site;

oncological processes;


heart diseases;

infectious diseases;

pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

Before the procedure, it is extremely important to find out if the patient has any restrictions on the procedure. Otherwise, it is fraught not only with unsatisfactory results, but also with health problems.

Welcome to quality equipment

Interested in certified and durable beauty equipment? Then contact the EMS-Beauty online store, where you will find a wide range of devices at competitive prices.

Here you can not only order a skin care system, but also learn how to work with it for free. After completing the course, you will receive a certificate. You will also receive a service guarantee. She will insure you if any problems arise.

Need more advice? Contact the store manager and he will answer all your questions.


Complete set - 2 maniples

Dimensions - 41x45x115 cm

Weight - 35 kg

Voltage - 110-240 V

Frequency - 50-60 Hz

Power - 150 W

Warranty - 1 year

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