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For cosmetologists of the country, the ems-beauty website presents a multifunctional peeling device HYDROSPA. Features of the system will allow you to cope with various skin conditions.

Equipment Capabilities

HYDROSPA is a multifunctional system for hydrogen and chemical peels. With its help, it is possible to polish the skin and saturate it with active cosmetics. Hydrogen peeling is a mechanical resurfacing that allows you to gently cleanse the skin of dead skin cells, impurities and smooth out skin irregularities. Chemical peeling is performed by spraying active agents under the pressure of a jet of water, which allows you to cope with skin diseases and its shortcomings.

Both technologies can be used to treat and rejuvenate the skin. The treatment itself is completely painless, and after it the person can return to his business. But experts advise to allocate a few days for the restoration of the skin, so that it rests and the redness disappears. The treatment is intended for people of all ages and skin types.

HYDROSPA can be used for various manipulations on various parts of the face:

skin cleansing from deep and superficial impurities;

cleansing pores and reducing their severity;

treatment of acne, acne and reduction of inflammatory processes;

removal of blackheads and comedones;

treatment of rosacea, seborrhea, keratosis, ichthyosis;

skin lightening and solving the problem of pigmentation;

smoothing post-acne, scars, scars;

removal of chloasma and warts;

restoration of tissue elasticity.

An important plus of the system is that it is compact, so it can be placed on any surface. If desired, it can be installed on a cosmetic trolley and moved from office to office.

Contraindications to treatment

Before using the device, the specialist needs to make sure that the treatment will not cause harm to the patient. Therefore, if there are contraindications, the use of the system is prohibited. These are:

malignant neoplasms at the treatment site;

violation of the integrity of the skin;

infectious diseases;

exacerbation of chronic diseases;

pregnancy and lactation;

inflammatory dermatological processes;


ARI or fever;

the presence of a built-in pacemaker.

This is why the initial consultation is so important. It allows both the patient and the specialist to be convinced of the positive outcome of the treatment.


Interested in our offer? Then order the device at the best price through the online store "EMS-Beauty". Since we work directly with manufacturers, the cost of our goods is 10% lower than in other stores in the country.

As a bonus, you can learn how to operate the equipment for free. After completing the course, you will receive a certificate that will be useful to you in your work with patients. You will also be provided with a guarantee that will insure you with after-sales service, which will come in handy in case of a malfunction.

It is possible to order delivery to all corners of the country. To make a purchase, call us at the numbers that you see on the site, and our consultant will help you in all matters.

Machine Settings

Dimensions - 32.5 x 43.3 x 29 cm

Net weight - 10 kg

Gross weight - 15 kg

Voltage - 220~240V

Power consumption - 70 W

Display - FND

Warranty - 1 year

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