Information about delivery


Delivery time

Delivery of the purchase price after receipt of payment. Delivery usually takes 5-8 working days.

We ask that you ensure that you provide us with the correct delivery address and your contact telephone number. The courier cannot deliver your purchase without contacting you.

Payment options

Our company accepts various payment methods:

  • Credit cart
  • PayPal
  • Money transfer(IBAN)

Technical support

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our qualified managers. Our staff will definitely support you before and after your purchase and will help you with any questions and details. You can use our professional services at any time.

Exchange or return of goods

You can exchange or return goods purchased in our shop. Exchange or return conditions: 14 calendar days have passed since the purchase date; Exchanges or returns are made exclusively at the company's office; The product will only be accepted if it maintains its appearance and the integrity of the packaging (it has not been used). To receive a refund, you must present your passport and proof of purchase confirming the purchase. A return is possible on the day the goods are returned or, if there is no money at the checkout, within seven days.