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In the different cosmetic areas that have become quite complex and sophisticated over time and are subject to a clearly increasing specification, most treatments no longer manage without support from technical equipment ... Read more...

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In the different cosmetic areas that have become quite complex and sophisticated over time and are subject to a clearly increasing specification, most treatments no longer manage without support from technical equipment and devices and by the influence of scientific and technological progress at all until realized.


The apparatus Cosmetics is an evolution that has occurred in the course of time on the basis of numerous manually performed cosmetic treatments through the growing demands. The reasons for the emergence of heading apparatus cosmetics and their growing distribution consist on the one hand in the different individual needs and desires of customers and the acquisition of various medical technology procedures of individual medical fields such as diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis. A typical example of this are the applications of ultrasound as a method borrowed technology related to treatments of healthy skin and abnormal skin irritations. A variety of medical technologies acquired have shown that it is possible within the framework of cosmetic procedures therefore quite achieve amazing success. Basically, it is so that the treatment apparatus, which essentially relies on the use of technical equipment and appliances, only then is efficient and safe, if the selection of the respective equipment and technical devices on the basis of a comprehensive technical professionalism and competence is carried out. Not every method that is supported by cosmetic equipment, is suitable for every person and for every cosmetic diagnosis. Only after an intense history of each treatment and involving a corresponding wealth of experience the desired effect can be achieved.


Light in the invisible range (UV or infrared radiation) consists of so-called electromagnetic waves, which move with the speed of light. These electromagnetic waves have different wavelengths or frequencies. The area used for the treatment ranges from about 280 nm (UV-B radiation) to about 4000 nm (infrared radiation). The UV - radiation for phototherapy, visible light for color therapy and infrared radiation used for thermotherapy. In color lighting field, the transitions between the individual tones are fluid. The visible spectral region ends at about 780 nanometers (nm). The subsequent infrared region is divided into IR A, B and C. For the heat treatment are mainly filtered infrared-A (780 to 1400nm) and B (1400 to 4000) of interest. Enter the heat energy to the subcutaneous tissue and have proven especially for colds, sinusitis, ear pain, lumbago, bruises and muscle tension than usual House and therapeutics. The infrared radiation is a form of natural solar energy, which heats the surrounding air only to a small extent. Approximately 80% of light energy is therefore converted into heat only when it encounters fixed body. The costs incurred in treating body 45 degrees are perceived as pleasant and beneficial. They therefore include a high physical stress, such as in the sauna, largely. An artificial infrared radiation is the natural radiation source, the sun, modeled. The short-wave infrared radiation is particularly gentle effect on our organism, since most of the radiation, the upper layers of skin and the seed layer permeates, without being absorbed thereby. The deep heat penetrates far into the lower regions of the skin. The skin and muscles are stimulated by the heat. Profuse sweating is the result. The inner core body temperature may increase. The body sweats not only water, a portion of the secreted sweat is composed of toxic substances, such as Cadmium, nickel, chlorine. These substances are deposited in the kidneys and the skin and pollute our organism eg in the form of cellulite. For this purpose, an excerpt from the latest scientific studies of the Lower Saxony Academy of Photo Medicine and Health Education Association in Wennigsen near Hanover: "The investigation has shown that infrared radiation removing heavily favored. Exposure to infrared light can reduce the body fat enormously. The rays penetrate without heating it, the upper skin layer and meet in the underlying fatty tissue in blood vessels. This warm and dilate, the result: a better blood circulation of the fatty tissue and a simplified transport of fatty acids. The increased blood flow to the calorie consumption increases. The series of tests of the Academy revealed that in about 50% of people a possible weight loss between six and ten kg within four weeks. Two to four treatments were necessary to weekly. This, even surprising for the researchers results, prompted a further study at the Berlin Charité hospital. Since during irradiation of fatty acids clumped blood cells are released, then more bodies are to transport oxygen. The additional oxygen causes a better work of the organs of the body such as the kidneys or the liver. Increased blood flow also causes an easing of painful muscle tension, and increased production of antibodies. The result is a general well-being. For the purification of the body is added a further positive aspect. Infrared light protects against UV damage. This resulted in a study partly by reputable scientific institute CE.RIES Was funded (Centre de Recherche et d Investigations Epiderniques et Sensorial): "The infrared rays contained in sunlight may protect against UV damage the cells. In experiments with cultured in cultures normal fibroblasts (cells forming the fibrous connective tissue), the researchers found that a 30 minute infrared radiation protects cells from induced by UVA and UVB radiation damage. UV-A radiation alone already reducing the number of viable cells by 45%. A pre-irradiation with infrared light Decrease the percentage of destruction of 15%. The scientists hope to unravel the mechanisms soon, they see it but new approaches to protect against UV-induced skin aging and skin cancer. (Source: magazine "Sun News").


In cosmetics afford infrared emitters good services. Thus, the pores are opened, for example, by the infrared radiation in the treatment of dry or fatigued skin. The nourishing cream can be optimally absorbed by the skin. Simultaneously, the irradiation causes better blood circulation of the skin and underlying tissues. A fresh look is the result. Briefly: infrared deep heat can cause the following:


- Relaxation of tissues and muscles

- Elimination of local fat deposits.

- Treatment of cellulite.

- Smoothing the skin, eliminating wrinkles..

- Weight Reduction

- Increased blood circulation and better oxygenation of organs.

- Strengthening the immune system.

- Washing out of pollutants

- Increasing well-being and protect against UV damage.

- Alleviating stress symptoms.




- Tumors.

- Tuberculosis.

- Internal bleeding.

- Pregnancy.

- Skin Diseases.


The infrared therapy can of course not replace physical activity, since it per se can not stimulate muscle activity. The muscles are however heated under the influence of infrared rays and it feels comfortable and relaxes the muscles, especially after heavy use.

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