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Distance is the key to safety. The expression that became the motto of 2020. It concerns all spheres of life, but most of all doctors - those who are at the forefront today against the new Covid-19 virus. Since one of the main symptoms of the virus is an increase in body temperature, the ability to remotely measure it minimizes the risk of infection for the doctor.

To do this, the company is in a hurry to present to the attention of doctors an infrared non-contact thermometer that allows you to measure temperature without touching a person.

Purpose and advantages of the device


The danger of walking the planet Covid-19 requires special measures. Since the virus can be transmitted through contact with the skin, it is important to abandon this, otherwise you won’t be able to get hold of ordinary thermometers - after each measurement you will have to throw it away. A non-contact thermometer allows you to not only refuse this, but also accurately and quickly (in just a second!) Measure your body temperature.

The principle of operation is based on measuring the thermal radiation of the body in the infrared range. The doctor brings the device to a person at a distance of 8-10 cm and all data (if red light is bad, if green is good) are displayed on a large LCD screen on the panel of the thermometer itself. A nice bonus is that the device is capable of measuring the temperature of the environment, surfaces and objects. This means that after the outbreak of the virus has passed, the device will still be necessary for doctors, will be useful in kindergarten, in large industries and will definitely be useful to parents with small children.

For maximum ease of use with babies, the device has a mute function. The completion of the process is signaled by light. Among other things, the device is equipped with built-in memory of previous measurements, which allows you to analyze changes in the human condition.


Terms of use


Despite the fact that the device minimizes the risk of infection, there are certain rules for its use:

Before you start, be sure to choose the object of measurement - the human body.

Measurements are taken only at the inner bend of the elbow, in the temples and neck. Thus, it is possible to obtain the most accurate data.

If the temperature is measured in an infant, it is recommended that you wait at least an hour after eating before performing manipulations to obtain the most accurate data.

In case of high humidity do not use. The reason is the same as in the first paragraph.

Shortly before and during the manipulation, you can neither eat nor drink, so as not to raise the temperature.

Before measurement, the skin should be cleaned of impurities.

Until you hear a beep, the collection of information is not complete, which means it's too early to take it out! Wait for the sound alert.

It is recommended that the results are as accurate as possible, measurements should be taken in the same place, if possible, of course.

After use, wipe the sensor with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.


Purchase device


Maximum contactlessness and distance are exactly what today will best protect against the Covid-19. Order non-contact thermometers at an affordable price. With the help of our experts, you can quickly figure out how the device works.

And be healthy!

Technical specifications


Auto shut off after 30 sec .; ° C and ° F;

Distance for determining the temperature: 5-8 cm;

Measurement range: for humans - 35.5-42.9 ° C (85.9-109.2 ° F); for objects - 0-118 ° C (32-244 ° F);

Measurement accuracy: for humans - ± 0.2 ° C / 0.4 ° F; for items - ± 1.0 ° C / 1.8 ° F; Operation temperature: - 10 to + 40 ° C;

storage temperature: -25 to + 55 ° C;

Power: 2 x AAA (batteries not included);

Duration of measurements is 0.5 - 1 second.

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