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The company "EMS Beauty" is pleased to present to your attention the cavitation apparatus and RF - KAVITA-3. Despite its compact size, this equipment provides a multifunctional approach to solving various problems on the face and body.

Device features

The KAVITA-3 system is a small apparatus for modeling the figure and facial rejuvenation. Such opportunities are available due to the presence of two advanced technologies that are considered an alternative to plastic surgeries - ultrasonic cavitation and RF lifting. Ultrasonic cavitation uses the influence of vacuum and ultrasound so that the nozzle fits better to the body and can easily damage the basement membranes of adipocytes and release fat from them, which, as a result, is processed and excreted from the body. And RF lifting acts with radio waves of a certain frequency to cause the collagen framework to recombine to rejuvenate the skin.

Using the KAVITA-3 apparatus, a specialist is able to perform such manipulations:

a decrease in the severity or complete smoothing of cellulite;

modeling body contours and face contours;

decrease in body volume;

skin tightening, restoration of its firmness and elasticity;

wrinkle smoothing;

elimination of dark circles and bags under the eyes;

reduction or complete elimination of edema;

correction of scars and scars;

skin whitening;

activation of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage;

stimulation of the synthesis of new collagen and elastin.

A set of maniples provides the possibility of correction in various parts of the face and body.

Benefits of choosing

The KAVITA-3 is distinguished from other systems by a number of advantages:

Cavitation and RF lifting technologies are considered an alternative to operations. With their help, it is possible to achieve the same effects as with surgical intervention, but without a single incision.

Since the radio-frequency energy is directed locally, the treatment is absolutely comfortable and painless for the patient.

Ultrasound exposure deliberately heats up adipose tissue to achieve a therapeutic effect as quickly as possible.

A color touch screen, which displays all the information about the process, provides convenient control of the system.

Among other things, the first results become noticeable after one treatment. And after a course of procedures, the effect obtained remains for a long time.

Are you interested in the capabilities of the KAVITA-3 system? Then order it at the best price and with the possibility of free training on the site. Leave a request for a call back, and the store manager will contact you during working hours to help you make the purchase.

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