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The healing and soothing effect of massage has been known for a long time. In addition to the expertise of the attending staff and the suitability and the comfort of the equipment used to play a decisive role. What comfort do your customers expect? You want while the applications relax and feel good. You want to lie down comfortably and let your soul.

According to customer surveys the quality of care depends to 70% of the skills of the attending staff. This means, conversely, that 30% of quality and thus customer satisfaction of other factors are dependent. These certainly include the quality of the equipment.

The cosmetics and massage table KO-4-1 ALLURE with a base in solid precious wood belongs in its segment to the absolute top products. The massive exotic wood is characterized partly by a very large strength and durability of, on the other hand by very good elastic properties. This gives the deck the indispensable for daily use robustness and stability with comparably low weight. For stability of the sun also contributes the large tray at the bottom of the deck. It is used for storage of towels and consumables.

These cosmetic and massage table was developed by the design and engineering office B & B Italia.

The padding of the massage table is made of a high quality and durable material that hygiene and dimensional stability guaranteed over a long period. The surface of the padding is smooth and consists of a pleasant, oil and water repellent synthetic leather, which easily can be cleaned with commercially available disinfectants.

Of course, this model also has an indispensable for many applications face opening in the removable headrest.

The cushion and the base are decorated in dark hues, both perfectly suitable for almost any interior.

The sun has been proven in salons, clinics, doctors offices and hospitals in practice and offers excellent value for money.

The maximum load capacity of the sun is 250 kg, it has a net weight of 90 kg.

This product meets all quality standards and combines sufficient properties to the best of its class to include.

The cosmetics and massage table KO-4-1 ALLURE - an example of the successful combination of elegance and functionality

The dimensions: 180 x 70 x 80 cm (L x H x W)

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