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The company is pleased to present you a super powerful laser D-Las-125 New 1200 w. Equipped with three wavelengths, high power and two spot sizes, this laser will be the best option for removing unwanted hair.

Equipment features

The D-Las-125 New 1200 w laser is characterized in that it is equipped with three wavelengths:

755 nm

Radiation of this type is generated by an alexandrite laser. The principle of operation is based on selective photothermolysis: the laser radiation targets the pigment melanin inside the hair follicles, causes it to heat and further break down along with the follicle. The wavelength of 755 nm is suitable for treating only fair skin, but is able to cope with hair of any color, since it burns them during processing.

808 nm

This type of radiation is generated by a diode laser, which is considered the best for removing unwanted vegetation. The principle of operation is similar to alexandrite: the laser beam also targets melanin, but the technology is suitable for treating only dark hair, since during the procedure they are not burned, but fall out only after a time when the follicle dies. The technique is best suited for treating areas where hair is stiff and has deep-set follicles.

1064 nm

Radiation of this type is generated by a neodymium laser. A neodymium laser is considered the most perfect for hair removal, as it is able to remove hair of any color on the skin of any color. This is due to the fact that neodymium radiation is too long wavelength to be absorbed by melanin, and instead this function is performed by water, hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin, provoking coagulation of the vessels of the bulb. As a result of this, it dies, hair falls out, and the method is suitable even for African Americans. In addition to hair removal, the wavelength can cope with unwanted tattoos of a certain color.

Model benefits

Competitive advantages of D-Las-125 New 1200 w are:

The presence of three types of radiation allows you to provide laser hair removal services to everyone who has no contraindications to the procedure. This guarantees you a quick return on investment and revenue growth.

High power - 1200 W - allows you to guarantee the patient the desired result. Misfires do not happen.

The two spot sizes that the laser is equipped with can significantly reduce the time required to achieve the result.

A perfect cooling system eliminates any risk of overheating of the skin and the appearance of burns on it. Due to this, during the procedure, the person does not experience pain or discomfort, and after it there is no downtime.

Ease of use is driven by an intuitive menu. And it’s easy to control through a large touch screen.

Among other things, the installation is made in a minimalistic design that fits perfectly into any interior.


It is strictly forbidden to use a laser for such contraindications:

decompensated diabetes mellitus;

infectious diseases;

autoimmune diseases;

cardiovascular diseases;

oncological processes in the body;

diseases of the central nervous system;

malignant neoplasms;

damage to the integrity of the skin;

inflammatory dermatological processes;

built-in muscle stimulator or metal implants;

critical days (for hair removal in the bikini zone);

pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding.

Before using the device, it is important for a specialist to make sure that the method is completely suitable for the patient and will not bring him negative consequences.

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