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The leading company in the sector of cosmetic equipment EMS Beauty offers an innovative laser for the removal of unwanted hair D - Las 85 with radiation of 808 nm. The improved characteristics of this model are able to deal with unwanted hair very effectively on any part of the body. By purchasing such a modern appliance, you can improve the professional level of customer service and grateful customers will appreciate this approach.

Features of the D-Las 85 laser

The modern D - Las 85 device reproduces radiation with a wavelength of 808 nm, is able to penetrate deep into the subcutaneous layers and destructively affect the hair follicle. The construction of the device allows the beautician to adjust the exposure parameters, taking into account the individual characteristics of the client, the color of the skin and the type of hair. This allows you to use the equipment extensively and obtain excellent results in hair removal. The D-Las 85 laser device removes hair painlessly and permanently thanks to the use of the SHR technique and two operating modes: stationary and "in motion". When the device operates in "on the move" mode, the functioning cuff constantly moves on the surface of the skin, not dwelling in a single point.

The use of the D - Las 85 appliance is recommended in a number of cases:

if it is necessary to epilate pigmented hair on the skin with Fitzpatrick I-VI phototypes, as well as perform laser hair removal on heavily tanned skin;

when removing ingrown and very hard hair;

in case of increased sensitivity of the client's skin and with a tendency to irritation or inflammation.

Features of the design of the D-Las 85 model

The D-Las 85 model uses radiation (808 nm) in its work, similar radiation is used in other laser models, in combination with SHR technology, which is used effectively on the skin of any phototype.

The use of a microcircuit integrated in the emitter is a distinctive feature of the D - Las 85 model, it presents itself as a monolithic block with laser emitters formed in a single crystal.

This solution improves several features of the device:

longer life and overall reliability of the device;

electrical leakage inside the unit is excluded and the laser power output is greater;

the advanced cooling system of the emitter prolongs the life of the device;

the energy consumed by the device is reduced to a minimum;

reduced weight of the hoses, this eliminates the unnecessary effort for the hands of the beautician, who performs the procedure.

The device's intelligent control system allows the operator to adjust the intensity of the laser exposure during the procedure. The touch screen displays the menu with which the specialist sets the necessary parameters. The consultants of the EMS Beauty company will assist you in learning how to manage the device, provided that the purchase is made through the website.

Advantages of D-Las 85

The use of new design solutions has also led to the presence of new competitive advantages in the design of the D-Las 85.

The list of laser advantages includes:

the emitter resource has increased to 20 million pulses and guaranteed reproduction of stable parameters, thanks to the introduction of a monolithic chip;

increased device power up to 600 W;

the optimal size of the light spot (14 x 14 mm), reducing the time of the procedure;

the presence of two operating modes with the possibility of reproducing an increased pulse frequency;

high efficiency cooling system - TEC (thermoelectric) + Sapphire (crystalline) + water cooling + forced air;

reduction of the temperature of the laser tip to -5 ° C, which eliminates the possibility of burns and eliminates pain;

the interface that uses a 21 cm color touch screen simplifies the beautician's work in many ways;

the ability of the device to operate without fail in conditions of high temperatures and high humidity.

By purchasing the D-Las 85 laser on the EMS Beauty website, you will have the opportunity to take a free training course on how to work with the purchased equipment and obtain a certificate at the end of the course. The company's specialists perform the training in our training center, at the customer's workplace, as well as remotely - via Skype or video conference.

All models presented on the site are covered by a 1 year warranty and a quality certificate is provided.

Technical parameters of the D-Las 85 laser:

Type of portable execution

Diode laser type

Wavelength, 808 nm

Output power, W 600

Duration of the impulse, ms 5 - 200

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