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Technological progress does not stand still, constantly improving techniques that make the skin smooth, and the process of hair removal on it painless. Beauticians from all over the world use laser equipment using innova... Read more...

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Technological progress does not stand still, constantly improving techniques that make the skin smooth, and the process of hair removal on it painless. Beauticians from all over the world use laser equipment using innovative techniques, the D-LAS 45NEW model, which is represented by UMS Beauty, deserves special attention. She is able to conduct painless epilation of bast, even the most delicate, body parts, such as, face, neck, chin, underarms, bikini area. This device uses the SHR (Super Hair Removal) laser technique, which acts directly on the hair shaft and its root is the follicle. The optimal combination of characteristics made it possible to eliminate the possibility of side effects and increase the effectiveness of hair removal procedures. The use of advanced technologies and components from manufacturers in Germany, USA, Japan and Italy ensures the reliability of the equipment and minimizes the discomfort of the client.

When making a purchase online at UMS Beauty, it is possible to choose a kit with one (808) nm or three solid-fuel lasers (755/808 / 1064 nm). This makes it possible to apply equipment on the skin from I to VI according to Fitzpatrick color type and to remove hair of any thickness. With its power, the device does not injure the skin around the hair follicle at all, it acts precisely and qualitatively, after such hair removal there is no need for a recovery period.

Each type of radiation has its own scope of application:

· A light wave with a length of 755 nm is applied on the skin of I-III types and qualitatively removes light hair. Especially effective such radiation shows when epilating and light in the area of ​​the eyebrows, lips.

· The wavelength of 808 nm qualitatively conducts hair removal on all skin types (from I to VI), strongly tanned skin is no exception. Such characteristics of laser radiation are the most popular; with high power and deep penetration, they leave no burns and reddenings; they are used to eeplate the face, cheeks, chin, arms and legs;

· Light wave 1064 nm is suitable for epilation on dark skin, it has the greatest depth of penetration and does not affect nearby tissues. This radiation is used to remove unwanted hair in the armpits, the pubic area, where the hair has a deep follicle.

 The D-LAS 45NEW device is controlled and programmed via a large touch screen, the menu allows you to set the mode of exposure depending on the thickness of the hair and on the skin type of the client. The specialist can set all the necessary parameters of exposure: the energy of the flash frequency and the temperature in the area of ​​impact. The parameters of 8 sessions are saved in the memory of the device and subsequently used during the sessions.

Distinctive features of the device:

· Convenient form and interesting design of a working maniple;

· Cooling system due to sapphire glass and cooling of the surface in the epilation zone to -10 ° C;

· Laser tip with radiation power of 500W;

· High density of laser energy - up to 166J / cm2;

· Built-in emitter type Micro Channel Laser (USA) with a resource of 20 million pulses;

· The foot switch simplifies the process of work of a specialist;

· A handpiece with a light spot of 15 x 15 mm and a cooling thermoelectric head with a size of 25 x 25 mm;

· Built-in sensors for tracking water cooling, temperature and water quality, as well as a self-diagnostic system;

· Preservation in memory and accounting of parameters of the conducted sessions;

· Two modes of operation: professional and simple for "beginners"; it is worth choosing one of the modes depending on the master's experience;

· A laser line with radiation of 808 nm, or with laser radiation of 755, 808 and 1064 nm can be installed in the emitter (you can specify by making a purchase).

By ordering equipment on the website of the company UMS Beauty you will be given the opportunity to take a course of free training in working with equipment. It is possible to study at the UMS Beauty training center or online via Skype. After graduation, the client receives a certificate. A detailed review of the parameters and characteristics of the device will help professional consulting managers, it is possible to contact them by phone numbers listed on the site.

All models presented on the site are covered by a 1-year quality guarantee and a quality certificate is submitted. If a malfunction occurs, it is possible to return or replace the equipment, within a period of 14 days from the date of purchase.

General characteristics of lasers
Laser type diode
Wavelength, nm 808/755/1064nm
Spot size, mm 15x15 mm
Power, W 500
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