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Can't decide which laser is better: alexandrite, diodes or neodymium? The EMS Beauty online shop is quick to save you from the agony of choice and is happy to present a modern high-tech laser hair removal machine with th... Read more...

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Can't decide which laser is better: alexandrite, diodes or neodymium? The EMS Beauty online shop is quick to save you from the agony of choice and is happy to present a modern high-tech laser hair removal machine with three Lasermach Pro wavelengths. Having a similar device, the beautician will be able to able to perform hair removal for everyone, regardless of the color of their skin.

Appliance functionality

A distinctive feature of Lasermach Pro is the presence of three hoses, each of which generates a specific wavelength:

Alexandrite laser (755 nm)

The radiation generated by alexandrite is aimed at the melanin pigment concentrated in the hair follicles. Penetrating the tissue, the laser energy is transformed into heat, heating the pigment until it is destroyed. When this happens, the follicle also dies, so it can no longer produce new hair growth. Since the 755 nm wavelength is focused on the pigment, it is applied only on fair skin. But it can eliminate any type of hair, including very thin, light and gray hair.

Diode laser (808 nm)

The wavelength of 808 nm generated by the diode is partially oriented towards the pigment. The remaining 50% of the laser energy, thanks to the SHR technology, causes the controlled heating of the tissues and the structure of the hair, making the process of removing the hair faster and more effective. Most often, the diode is used for the epilation of large areas of the body, where the hairs are rough, frizzy and their follicles are deeply rooted.

Neodymium laser (1064 nm)

Neodymium laser technology is different from those listed above. If alexandrite and diode target pigment, neodymium focuses on water, hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin, since the emission of 1064 nm is too long to be absorbed by melanin. In this case, the bulb's vessels coagulate, causing the blood to stop flowing towards it and causing it to die. When it is necessary to perform hair removal on people with olive or dark skin, neodymium laser is used, since in this case there is no risk of burns.

Important details

Any specialist using Lasermach Pro should warn their patients that a single laser hair removal session will not eliminate all unwanted hair. This is due to the fact that the hairs go through three growth stages: anagen (active growth), telogen (transition from growth to sleep), catagen (sleep). The laser is capable of treating only those that are in the anagen phase, and since there are no more than 30% of them, a number of procedures are required.

Furthermore, in each area of ​​the body the hair grows at a different rate, this must also be taken into consideration. Therefore, the exact number of sessions depends on the area itself, its size, skin type and individual growth characteristics. We are pleased to rejoice that with the help of the presented device it is possible to obtain a stable result in 2-4 sessions, thanks to the high radiation power. And the results persist for 5-6 years, although some patients report permanent results.

Distinctive advantages

The main advantages of Lasermach Pro are:

Hose kit. The presence of three different wavelengths allows you to perform laser hair removal on any type of skin, without the need to purchase separate systems for this.

Power. The high power of the system makes it possible to reduce the number of procedures required to just 4, which other manufacturers can only dream of.

Quality of materials. The device is equipped with reliable American-made LASERTEL diode emitters, which do not heat up during operation, are more powerful and energy-intensive, that is, during treatment there is no dispersion of energy in the nearby tissue.

Hose resource. Each laser hose has a resource for 20 million flashes, i.e. the total resource is 60 million flashes.

Working method. The device can work both in single mode and in dynamic mode, which allows you to treat any part of the body much faster.

Cooling system. The cooling of the appliance is hybrid, so that it can work continuously for 12 hours.

In addition, the equipment has an ergonomic design, so it is easy to insert in any environment.

Possible reactions

We want to immediately warn that side effects are possible after any cosmetic procedure, because these are reactions of the body to external interference. After hair removal with Lasermach Pro, redness of the skin, mild swelling and increased sensitivity of the treated area should be expected. But don't d

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