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The device of laser correction of body contours (Lipolaser UMS LP-02)

Laser therapy is an integral part of phototherapy. This method is traditionally used in physical therapy for pain relief and tissue repair.

More than 10 years ago, it was studied the impact of low-intensity laser red (635 nm) on abdominal fat in humans. The studies showed that after 4 minutes of exposure to laser light of 80% fat comes from adipocytes into the extracellular space, and after 6 minutes of irradiation - all fat. Electron microscopy was found in the appearance of the cells long time induced by laser irradiation through which the outflow of fat from adipocytes.

This work opened up the prospect of the use of red light to influence the subcutaneous fat. As a result, long-term study has determined the optimal wavelength of the laser light, allowing physiological way to stimulate adipocyte lipolysis. At this wavelength principally chromophore is cytochrome c oxidase - through it like the activation of the respiratory chain in mitochondria and triggers a cascade of intracellular biochemical processes, which result in the cytoplasm increases the level of calcium ions, to which the sensitivity of many enzymes including lipolytic enzyme triglyceride. Increasing its activity leads to the splitting of triglycerides into simple components. The decay products of triglycerides out of the cell through the pores of the time, the opening of which is due to a shift in the pH of the cytoplasm of the acid side. Once in the extracellular space, they get into the lymphatic system of the body and transferred to the appropriate tissues, and during exercise provide energy tissues.

Advantages of the method:

- It allows you to get rid of fat in problem areas, it s hard corrected by exercise,

- High comfort,

- Controlled penetration depth (1 cm)

- Rapid achievement of results: a reduction of the circumference of the treated area from 2 to 5 cm per session,

- Compatibility with most hardware effects and cosmetic procedures - lymphatic drainage, pressure therapy, body wraps, massages,

- With no side effects, no pain, no recovery period,

- Reduces the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in plasma Covey.

The device UMS LP-02 is a low-intensity laser system designed to reduce body fat and body contouring without surgery.

Options and accessories:

- Desktop control unit,

- 6 applicator body (four of them - the size 2X, for the area of arms and legs, two - 4X size for exposure to the abdomen)

- Elastic bands for securing the applicator.

The device operates in three modes, exposure intensity, frequency range pulsed light 1? 1000 Hz. Exposure time is set by the user, the maximum processing time - 30 min. At the end of the set time of the unit is automatically turned off.

The device has a user-friendly interface, all operating modes are defined and recorded using the LCD screen. The user can choose the available languages for communication. The advantages include also a small size device.


- Pregnancy and lactation;

- Diseases of the blood;

- Swelling, liver disease, renal insufficiency;

- The presence of benign / malignant tumors;

- Obesity;

- Diabetes;

- Diseases of the cardiovascular system;

- Infectious diseases.

Lipo Laser length650nm
Lipo Laser modesAUTO,M1,M2,M3
Lipo Laser quantity102 pieces
Lipo Laser Power100mw/pcs
Low level laser handles10 big laser pads + 4 small laser pads
Machine Display7 inch touch screen
Input voltage220~240V/100-120V, 60Hz/50Hz



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