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The Liposonix UMS-09 device is designed for non-invasive removal of excess fatty tissue (losing weight), eliminating wrinkles and skin tightening in the conditions of beauty salons and clinics. As the name of the model shows, UMS-09 uses HIFU ultrasound technology (LipoHIFU) to remove fat, which has a number of remarkable properties. This technique allows you to focus high-intensity ultrasound at a certain depth and in a limited volume, which provides non-thermal destruction of the membranes of fat cells with the subsequent removal of their contents from the body. As a result of HIFU exposure to tissues, the thickness of fatty tissue quickly and significantly decreases and body volume decreases. In this case, the epidermis, blood and lymph vessels, the nervous system are not damaged. When ultrasonic vibrations are focused on the SMAS layer, the effect of collagen fiber recombination is achieved, which provides long-term skin tightening and wrinkle removal. At the same time, all metabolic processes in the tissues are stimulated.

The Liposonix UMS-09 (NV-S7B) device allows you to perform the following procedures:

body volume reduction (weight loss) and lifting;

elimination of excess fatty tissue;

the formation of body contours;

improvement of metabolic processes in the body.

The advantages of the UMS-09 model (NV-S7B) are:

complete non-invasiveness of procedures, since injections are not required, skin integrity is impaired, medications are used, there is no need for anesthesia at all stages of treatment;

lack of side effects;

safety for humans due to non-contact destruction of fat deposits and the removal of their contents using natural endogenous metabolism;

there is no risk of damage to surrounding tissues or infection of the body during the procedure;

excellent ergonomics combined with a simple and convenient control interface, ease of training and use;

high efficiency - in one session, you can reduce body volume by 2 cm, and after three sessions, the volume decreases by 5-8 cm.


Ultrasound frequency, kHz 230 ± 20

Depth of focus, cm 1.3 / 0.8

LCD screen 10.4 inch TFT touch screen

Power supply ~ 220V 50 Hz or ~ 120V 60 Hz

Maximum power, W 200

Dimensions, mm 455x350x1000

Weight, kg 30

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