Machine oxygen mesotherapy and radio frequency lifting BC-8910B (2 in 1)

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The scope of application of the oxygen mesotherapy and radiofrequency lifting BC-8910B are cosmetology, spa treatments and wellness centers, physical therapy, sports medicine, phlebology, lymphology.

The device BC-8910B oxygen (oxygen mezoterpii, Oxy-Jet) and multipolar RF-treatment (radiofrequency therapy) integrated functions:

oxygen (oxy-mode injector and an oxygen mask);
multipolar RF-lifting face and body (radio frequency exposure of the skin with a lot of attachment of electrodes and the periodic changing of the poles of the electrodes).
The device BC-8910B enables:

Oxygen Mesotherapy - non-invasive (needleless) administration of medicinal and cosmetic products deep into the skin with the help of an oxygen-air mixture (98% - oxygen) is fed under high pressure.

Oxygen inhalation - inhaling oxygen-enriched mixture (98% - O2, rest - atomsferny air) at a constant feed it through an oxygen mask.

Multipolar RF-treatment face - exposure to radio frequency with the aim of shortening the existing collagen and stimulate the production of new ones. Allows you to lift and lift facial contours, eliminate wrinkles and scars, improves skin condition.

Multipolar RF-lifting body skin - a procedure based on the same principle as the impact as in the multipolar RF-treatment face, but through the use of other modes of the device, which allows to effectively fight fat. Lets bring back the skin of the old firmness and elasticity, but also to adjust the figure after liposuction and ultrasonic cavitation.

Thanks to the use of multiple and complex impacts, the machine BC-8910B is successfully used for:

  • anti-aging therapy;
  • treatment of acne;
  • treating rosacea and reticular varicose veins;
  • correction postugrevyh changes;
  • improving skin respiration and improving skin color;
  • cellulite treatment and elimination of local fat deposits;
  • lifting tissue, smoothing stretch marks;
  • modeling and korektirovki figure after liposuction;
  • restore the skin after laser treatments, chemical, mechanical, and radio frequency exposure.

The advantages of using this machine BC-8910B are:

  • non-invasive, comfortable procedure and the lack of rehabilitation period;
  • the cost of procedures is extremely low;
  • the ability to separate and joint use of oxygen mesotherapy and RF-lifting;
  • Oxygen "painless mesotherapy" through the use of needleless injection technology products;
  • good compatibility with most hardware and cosmetic procedures;
  • Use convenient multipolar RF-manipulator for the face and body that provide rapid heating of tissues to 43-45 C and allow to perform the procedure is much faster than in bipolar lifting;
  • optimal conditions for working with different types of skin and in different anatomical areas are provided with adjustable intensity of RF-radiation and oxygen;
  • results are already clearly visible after the first session and persistent effect occurs during 1-1.5 months;
  • full off-season procedures, regardless of the timing of the active sun exposure and skin type.

Machine Specifications BC-8910B

The pressure of the oxygen-air jet (max) Bar 2
The oxygen content in the mixture,%: 95-98
Oxygen flow, l / min. :15
Adjusting the intensity of RF,%: 10-100
Touch screen: yes
Options: 220 V 50 Hz

The complete unit includes:

Two Hexapolar RF-manipulation for treatments on the body, arms and legs
a tripolar RF-handpiece for procedures on the face and for the treatment of small areas
2 oxygen injector oxygen mesotherapy facial and body hair
Mask for oxygen inhalation

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