Magnifier lamp ALPHA 3D (LED)

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The device is made in the classic layout of a table lamp. Thus it combines the lamp and magnifying glass, and therefore its effectiveness increases, turning into a real "helper" any expert. Through elaborate proportions Alpha 3D LED model can be used on any desktop for its intended purpose and as a simple desk lamp. Thanks to LED illuminator provides light output with a spectrum close to natural daylight. It gives a natural, not a distorted picture of the color for the inspection surface. Furthermore, the use of LEDs makes the lamp very economical. Optical power magnifying glass in 3D (3 diopter) enables virtually the entire spectrum of work in cosmetology. Diameter 90mm lens will fully see the work area during the procedure. In combination with the strong direction of light will not only visible in detail all the features of the skin or nail holes but also precisely control all hues in the working field.

Model Alpha 3D LED, and can be recommended for work on repair of electronics, watches and in other areas.

Main characteristics

The diameter of the lamp head, mm


The material of the lens, the optical power

Glass, 3D (3 diopters)

The diameter of the lens

90 mm

Type illuminator


Light color

White close to daylight

General characteristics

The minimum height of the lamp above the table (cm)


The maximum height of the lamp above the table (cm)


Electrical specifications

 Parameters of power supply

AC, 220-240V, 50Hz

Power consumption


Power cord length (m)


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