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On the site, the massage table SM-8 is presented to your attention. With it, the specialist will be able to perform various procedures, providing patients with absolute comfort.

Equipment Benefits

Massage table SM-8 is an indispensable tool for every massage professional. It can be used not only in equipped salons, but also for home massage. In fact, the table folds to the shape of a briefcase and weighs only 16 kg.

Assembly is very easy and high quality. The base of the table is made of aluminum, thanks to which the maximum load is 204 kg. The height is adjustable from 60 to 80 cm, the head section has 9 positions. The cover is made of waterproof and grease resistant material.

Available colors: blue, beige and dark brown. Massage table SM-8 is ISO 9001 certified, CE marked. Interested in this model? Then order it from us at the price of manufacturers, because we have been supplying equipment directly from them for many years. And we provide a service guarantee, which insures you in case of malfunctions.

It is possible to order delivery to all cities of the country. If you wish, you can use self-delivery and pick up the goods from the warehouse. To place an order, fill out an application for a callback, and our manager will contact you during business hours. Or call us yourself at the numbers that you see on the site, and we will answer all your questions.


Weight - 15.4 kg

Minimum height - 60 cm

Maximum height - 80 cm

Length - 184 cm

Housing - aluminum

Height - adjustable

Number of sections - 2 pcs

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