Massage wheat germ oil 100%, 200 ML

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We recommend you to include the presented oil in the procedures on the face. To see all the useful and sometimes even "magical" capabilities of wheat germ oil, you should buy oil only quality production and proper spin, so it is a product from this page. We always try to choose the best options and proven products. Therefore, you will get wholly natural and healthy oil, in which all, to the last drop, will serve you as a professional beautician. In addition, this oil is perfect for use at home; because of this, it will be a perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife. This oil is ideal for removal of inflammation on the skin, healing of small cracks and sores, when chapping oil will returns your skin elasticity and smoothness in just a few uses. The oil is so gentle, that it is ideal for the lubrication of the skin around the eyes it softens the "thin" skin and makes it more supple and healthy. 

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