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The Mesis Xpress Beauty XP 4000 device is the portable device for professional pressure therapy. This device has been designed for aesthetic use. Mesis Xpress Beauty is easy to use and transport, a device suitable for use in beauty centers.

Mesis Xpress Beauty pressure therapy involves the use of a sequential Lymphatic drainage massage program. Thanks to the powerful compressor, 2 leggings can be used simultaneously.

Mesis Xpress Beauty XP4000 pressure therapy is used for anti-cellulite and orange peel effect treatments, to counteract imperfections caused by water retention and as a post-cosmetic surgery treatment.

Mesis aesthetic pressure therapy is the equivalent of a manual lymphatic massage, the pressure exerted is sequential and intermittent. Lymphatic drainage massage is very useful for our body and helps to relieve muscle tension and relieve tiredness. After the massage procedure with the Mesis Xpress Beuaty device, the legs become slimmer and more agile.

Using the Mesis Xpress Beauty device it is possible to adjust the intensity and make each treatment effective and comfortable. With the use of the timer it is possible to set the automatic switch-off.

Technical features:

1 compressor with 1 sequential program A

Power supply: 220V, 50/60 Hz

Consumption: 50 VA

Pressure: 50 280mmHg 10%

Dimensions: 28x21.5x17.2cm

Weight: 3.5 kg

Conforms to CE standards


2 leggings with 4 chambers (length from under the foot to the upper edge 102 cm, maximum thigh circumference 70, maximum ankle circumference 42 cm). The leg is equipped with a self-locking zipper, so even if it is not completely closed (because it is used on shorter legs) it allows regular operation.

1 double connector

2 pressure orthotics

There are also other versions of Mesis Xpress Beauty with different optional accessories.

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