MEZOROLLER MNS Medical steel needles 1.0mm

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The cosmetic industry is now offering to its customers a variety of tools that help to carry out beauty treatments and sparing themselves produce a therapeutic effect. These include minor cosmetic devices and Dermaroller with microneedles of medical steel. Needle length of 0.2 mm. On the surface of a small roller are a large number of microneedles that make pinholes in the skin by rolling the roller / holding a comfortable handle on the skin surface.

With this procedure is performed several processes: massaged the epidermis, increases the number of ducts for the passage of the deep layers of the skin of nutrients and moisturizers, collagen and provoked the second important structured proteins - elastin. This leads to smooth mikromorschin scarring. Skin tones, improves the appearance and characteristics: elasticity, color.

Such a medical device is made of steel, which is not exposed to oxidation. The machine is safe because it does not cleans the top layer of skin, but rather "holey" of its therapeutic effects when used in the salon or at home.

The number of needles: 192

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