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The list of services of all modern beauty salons necessarily includes such a required procedure as laser hair removal, because it simply cannot be ignored by visitors who care about their image. Any beautician will tell you that the success of the procedure depends 50% on the efficiency and reliability of the equipment used. In order to provide professionals with the ideal conditions for the satisfaction of visitors to the salon and to guarantee customers rapid, comfortable and painless hair removal, the company has introduced a new model to the cosmetic equipment market: a diode laser for removing hair hair, BIG APPLE.

This device allows you to quickly and safely perform hair removal on all skin types, perform anti-aging procedures and also has a number of serious technical advantages compared to other models of similar equipment. Thus, a radiant unit produced in Germany with a huge operational resource, a system to control the flow and quality of water from the United States and low noise water pumps produced in Japan are used in the hoses. Beauty salon specialists can appreciate these features of the device, which allow you to get more efficient work, increase the speed of sessions, extend the period of work.

Competitive advantages of BIG APPLE

This model allows you to perform all the typical procedures of diode lasers, such as hair removal and rejuvenation of dermal cells, but differs from other devices for higher performance, greater reliability, longer service life.

These advantages of the BIG APPLE appliance guarantee the following particularities:

powerful microchannel diode unit produced in Germany with a row of 12 emitters and high beam energy density;

currently the largest size of the working area of ​​the hose - 20x30 mm, which allows to reduce the duration of the epilation session from 2 hours to 30-40 minutes;

reliable TEC cooling of the skin, which eliminates the risk of pain;

new multi-component cooling system of the tip of the hose, of the diode unit, of the other nodes;

connection of the hoses to the main unit with the fittings that guarantee absolute connection reliability and eliminate the possibility of leakage of the coolant;

use of components and units made in Germany, USA, Japan in the equipment;

use of a freon compressor with monitoring of the water temperature and of the heating degree of the equipment, which allowed to guarantee a more stable and efficient cooling;

long-term operation of the hose (up to 40 million pulses) thanks to a new scheme to stabilize the working temperature;

use of three operating modes: HR, FHR and SR, which allows you to choose the best method for each procedure, specifying the customer's gender, the treatment area, the finest setting of all the session modes;

large touch screen with multilingual menu and convenient set of commands;

excellent ergonomics, ease of use, high reliability and comfort.

But, as already mentioned, success in work depends only 50% on the quality of the equipment! The second half of success depends only on the beautician's ability and his ability to take advantage of the equipment available in the salon. To ensure the second half of success with customers, our company offers customers who have purchased the BIG APPLE laser through the site a free training course on how to use it. You can follow the training course at the training center or remotely - using the videoconference mode with the company's consultants.

Technical features:

Laser: diode with 808 nm microchannels, power 1200 W, row of 12 diodes

Frequency: 1-10 Hz

Flow density: 1-120 J / cm2

Light spot size: 20 * 30mm

Resource: more than 40,000,000 pulses

LCD screen: color touch screen, 10.4 inches

Menu languages: Russian, English, German, Italian and up to 10 other languages

Cooling system: advanced microchannel with R134a freon compressor

Power supply: 220V 50-60Hz


Standard accessory kit:

Protective glasses for the operator 1 pair

Protective glasses for the patient 1 pair

1pc power cable.

Hose holder ("basket") 1pc.

1pc change pedal.

Kit for filling water 1 pc.

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