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The diode laser with microchannels for hair removal STARLASER, presented on this page of the site is one of the most modern devices for permanent hair removal and uses the light of three wavelengths - 808, 755 and 1064 nm.

This model is designed to perform permanent hair removal and can remove all types of hair thanks to the use of three types of radiation.

Thus, using 755, 808 and 1064 nm waves, STARLASER easily adapts to both "standard" hair removal procedures and to hair removal traditionally difficult to remove. Using three laser emitters, it easily adapts to thin and light, dark hair on dark or tanned skin and hair in the armpits and in the bikini area, whose follicles are located deeper in the skin. By choosing the most suitable hose for each case, the beautician can now in the shortest possible time eliminate unwanted "vegetation" with a guaranteed cessation of hair growth on the treated area of ​​the body. In addition to its excellent functionality, the STARLASER device has numerous design advantages that make it the recognized leader in the large family of diode cosmetology lasers.

Advantages of STARLASER

The main advantage of this device is the use of a microchannel cooling section, which provides the most reliable protection of human skin from overheating and thermal damage. The essence of the improvements in the protection system is to apply cooling to each of the 6 diode emitters in its own portion of the microchannel coolant supply. The supply of refrigerant to the diodes through the microchannels ensures a strong increase in the heat transfer area and therefore contributes to a more efficient removal of excess heat. With this, at the same time, several objectives are achieved: the level of pain during the session is significantly reduced due to the effective cooling of the dermis, it significantly improves the protection of the body from overheating and the risk of breakage of the hose emitter.

Other important advantages of this model are:

use of hoses with three wavelengths - 808, 755, 1064 nm and the ability to perform manipulations on any skin phototype;

three device options with different output radiation power;

use in hoses of original irradiation and cooling systems made in Germany;

high efficiency of the useful value: with an energy consumption of 2 kW, the laser output power reaches 2000 W;

wide range of adjustment parameters;

a bright and contrasting touch screen with multilingual menu support is used for management;

long life and extended warranty period.

The company suggests to our country's cosmetologists to pay special attention to the STARLASER epilation device, as it will not just expand the list of services provided to customers. It will provide the opportunity for a long time to perform a wide range of manipulations, without thinking about the possible failure of the equipment or the appearance of negative feedback from visitors to your beauty salon.

If you are interested in developing business and improving the quality of services, then you can place an order directly on this page of the site. By purchasing through the site, you will also receive an additional bonus in the form of a free course on how to use this device. Training is conducted by company consultants at our training center, or training can be performed remotely using video conferencing.


Type of diode laser

Stationary execution, vertical layout

Wavelength, 808, 755, 1064 nm

Pulse energy, J / cm2 0 ... 120

Pulse duration, ms 0-600

Pulse frequency, Hz 1 ... 10

Diode laser power, W 600, 800, 1000

Contact cooling temperature, ° C до -5

Stitch size, 11x11, 10x17, 20х30 mm

Air compressor cooling + TEC + water

10.4 inch touch screen

multilingual menu

Input voltage 220V 50-60Hz or 110V 50-60Hz

Power consumed, W 2000

External dimensions, 120х60х60 cm

Net weight, 75 kg

Work resource, impulses 40 000 000

Warranty on the emitter - 10,000,000 pulses or 1 year on the device - 2 years

CE ISO9001 TUV CE FDA certification

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