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Technological progress opens up new possibilities for cosmetology and the beauty industry. Constantly created modern devices, the principle of which is based on the action of pulses of electric current. Microcurrent therapy can improve the condition of the skin and solve various aesthetic problems. Devices for conducting microcurrent therapy are widely represented in the online store of EMS beauty and are used by cosmetologists to care for face and body skin.

The last word in technology is the device model AS-1005, it is able to significantly improve the general condition of the epidermis, it is used in the treatment and rehabilitation of the skin.

Subsequently, the use of microcurrents has a beneficial effect at the cellular level. All layers of the epidermis, the circulatory and lymphatic systems are affected. The procedures take place in complete comfort for the client, are absolutely painless and safe for health. Microcurrents have the ability to stop pain after invasive operations, soothe inflammation and itching, and reduce the sensitivity of the skin. Electric impulses of a certain nature have a rejuvenating, regenerative effect (after laser procedures), relieve puffiness, intensify the removal of toxins from tissues, and heal wounds. Efficiency is noticeable after the first application and increases with each session.

The microcurrent therapy device model AS-1005 has modes for treating the face, neck and décolleté, the strength of the impact varies based on the individual characteristics of the client and the task. Two types of manipulators are used in the work - electrodes: thymus and point, each of which is used to process a certain zone.

Current - 8 - 9000 mA

For a detailed acquaintance with the parameters and characteristics of the equipment, you can contact the managers of UMS beauty, they will professionally answer all questions and help you make a purchase.

EMS beauty company values ​​its customers and offers the most comfortable conditions for cooperation.

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