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The expanded theory of selective photothermolysis allows a specialist to identify and destroy hair follicles, thus obtaining hair removal. Nowadays, laser hair removal is the most requested cosmetic procedure and is performed with different effectiveness. The ideal patient for laser hair removal is a person with fair skin and dark hair, but today this procedure can be successfully performed for any type of skin. Knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the hair follicle, correct patient identification and preparation for the procedure, observation of the safety principles when working with laser equipment, familiarity with various laser / light devices and full understanding the interaction of laser radiation with the tissues are necessary to optimize the effectiveness of the procedures and at the same time to minimize complications and side effects.

The theory of selective photothermolysis allows you to selectively influence pigmented hair follicles, using hair shaft melanin as a chromophore. Melanin absorbs light with wavelengths in the red regions and in the nearby infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal, the "biological target" must be made up of follicular stem cells located in the enlargement region and / or in the dermal papilla. Based on a certain spatial dissociation of the chromophore and a given target, the choice of the parameters of the devices used for hair removal is important to obtain a reliable result. Numerous studies have shown that the "gold mean" should be considered a diode laser system that generates a beam with a wavelength of at least 800 and not more than 810 nm. The use of diode lasers for aesthetic purposes made it possible to carry out the epilation procedure at any time of the year, without restrictions on the skin type, with a longer lasting effect.

In recent years numerous devices have been developed for epilation at home. The creation of such devices is largely determined by the attractiveness of the prospect of owning a personal device for removing unwanted hair, without the cost and inconvenience of repeated visits to the dermatologist or to a spa. One such device is the portable device for C-808 diode laser hair removal.


If you have sunbathed, it is recommended to wait until the skin returns to its natural color, since the laser works more efficiently with a natural skin tone. The laser is most effective on light skin tones and dark hairs, but results can also be obtained on light hairs.

If you have hepatitis, herpes or cellulite, we recommend that you treat these diseases before using laser hair removal.

If you are taking isotretionin or similar acne treatment medications, you should not perform the procedure during treatment.

Patients with keloid or hypertrophic scars should use the laser only after consulting a doctor.

Get a doctor's opinion before using the laser in sensitive areas around the nipple, genitals and anal area.

The best candidates for laser hair removal are those with dark and hard hair. However, the removal will work on lighter hair as long as the colors of the skin and hair are different. Laser removal will not be effective for gray hair and pigmentless hair.

Special features of the appliance:

1. High power diode laser with a wavelength of 808 nm;

2. Guaranteed lifetime of the laser - 1,000 hours;

3. Spot diameter 1.5 mm;

4. Safety and ease of use at home;

5. No side effects like burns, wounds and scars;

6. Suitable for all skin types;

7. Adjustable timer and laser power control;

8. Lightweight and portable design, convenient to hold in your hand, to take with you on a trip or on a business trip;

9. It is recommended to use to remove dark hair on almost all parts of the body, such as arms, legs, forehead, bikini line, beard, etc.

10. It is forbidden to use on some delicate areas of the body. Do not direct the laser beam into the eyes.

To achieve a lasting result, you need to perform 3 to 6 procedures.


Power: 9V 1200mA

Voltage: 220V-240V / 50 Hz or 110V-130V / 60 Hz

Package size: 17 * 6 * 6cm.

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