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In the different cosmetic areas that have become quite complex and sophisticated over time and are subject to a clearly increasing specification, most treatments no longer manage without support from technical equipment and devices and by the influence of scientific and technological progress at all until realized.


The multifunction device MULTISONIC MASSAGE 3036 we want to offer an absolute highlight of the high-tech apparatus cosmetics. You will be impressed.


The multifunction device MULTISONIC MASSAGE combines 3036, as the name suggests, more complex and highly successful treatment methods of the apparatus Cosmetics outstanding can be combined and complement each other perfectly in their effect.


As an example we want to dwell on the Endomassage, cavitation, the RF-lifting as well as the LPG technique here.


Endomassage - Nearly all women know the problem: cellulite. And bothered by the more or less pronounced dimples on thighs, buttocks, abdomen and hip. But this does not have to be, because today can effectively something be done about cellulite. All women, regardless of age, character and sportiness, have a relatively loose connective tissue. Various factors, such as genetic and hormonal disposition, but also the lifestyle and living conditions, eg Stress or emotional stress magnify and multiply the formation of cellulite, as cellulite is also called. It is generated by multiplying the fat cells and larger, which then clog the lymph and blood vessels. This results in the incorporation of water and waste products in the tissue. Through this, often hormonally influenced operations, more and more cells can store and the Dell education becomes even more so. By contrast, "no herb grown" was so far, but now help a new treatment: Subcutaneous Endomassage. Unlike anything that has been offered by the cosmetics industry, this treatment of the skin is a helping people help themselves. Subcutaneous Endomassage acts exactly opposite to the usual massages. It exerts no pressure on the tissue, but generated by a vacuum suction massage one that reaches into the deep skin structures. Thus freed from the blocking fat cells, blood and lymph flow to remove the water and slag accumulation and skin smoother visible. Pleasant side-effect: Through this process, the skin s own production of collagen is stimulated, leading to a further tightening of the skin. How much help the pleasant, pain and side effects free treatment, is individual and not exactly predictable. But one thing is certain: With the Endomassage system 3035, the cellulite can be treated with great success.


Cavitation (special body treatment with ultrasound) - The principle of cavitation is based on the formation and dissolution of cavities in liquids by pressure fluctuations. This principle is used in cosmetics in new, safe and effective method (stable cavitation) and serves for the targeted reduction of fat cells. This innovative method allows a selective impact on the fat cells. Other tissues remain protected. A change in rapid succession between positive and negative pressure generated micro steam bubbles in the fat cell. Initially the bubbles grow, then they fall together, the membrane of the fat cell is permeable. Thereby, the fatty acids are transported to the lymphatic system in a natural way in the liver and offered there as an energy source, and subsequently excreted via the colon. Proper hydration and sports activities are very useful to stimulate the metabolism and thus support fat loss. Of particular importance is also waiving fat and carbohydrate meals for the next 2-3 days after treatment.


RF Lifting - The use of radio frequency is currently the most modern treatment methods for skin tightening and cellulite. Over time, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness, wrinkles develop. This process is influenced not only by genetics and hormones also by environmental factors such as UV radiation or nicotine. The collagen fibers in the skin are damaged while and lose partially their ability to recharge. The regeneration of collagen can be stimulated by radiofrequency treatment. Radiofrequency therapies extend painlessly and quickly lead to smoother skin on hips, legs and buttocks. In several meetings, a specially shaped handset to the affected cellulite locations is set in out-patient anti-cellulite treatment that emits low- and high-frequency current into the subcutaneous tissue. The radiofrequency therapy has already been successfully used in the treatment of varicose veins and snoring, but the investigations are to their action in the anti-cellulite treatment not yet completed. Although causes, treatment with the radio frequencies used no pain, however, is a modest amount of heat on the skin feel. The radio frequency device is poled two-fold and can be adjusted to different wattages. The waves heat the skin in depth, so that the subcutaneous tissue up to 44 degrees is hot. Thus, the collagen is destroyed, which is aged and relaxed responsible for the tightening of the skin and cellulite. As a result, inflamed connective tissue, the body produces new collagen and the skin tightens up again. The perfusion of the tissue is stimulated, which promotes the removal of deposited materials and slag. As a result, the skin looks fresher after the treatment. Even a weight loss during radiofrequency therapy is not rare, since the fat cells are damaged by the waves and shrink. Radiofrequency sends deep heat to the collagen fibers. The gentle vibrations are used against local wrinkles, drooping mouth, circles under the eyes, deep forehead wrinkles, brittle skin scaffolding, double chin or to beautify the necklines.


LPG Technique - With the multifunction device MULTISONIC MASSAGE 3036 Vacuum roller massage can be performed on tissue tightening and body shaping. As a complementary treatment technology is used here radiofrequency used. The LPG technique is not a new invention. The first unit has already developed in the 80s, the Frenchman Louis Paul Guitay. LPG stands for the initials of his name. Meanwhile, the LPG was ever evolving technology and the massager UMS 70 is one of the technological products in this segment. The LPG technology is a so-called deep tissue massage using special, motorized rollers plus vacuum suction system, with which the subcutaneous tissue of the problem areas is massaged specifically on the thighs, knees, abdomen, hips, buttocks or arms. Depending on the rolling motion of the reduction of the fat cells, blood circulation of the connective tissue and the lymph flow is stimulated and the formation of collagen and elastin activated. The promised effect: The skin becomes firmer, scratches and small fatty deposits. The multifunction device MULTISONIC MASSAGE 3036 for the implementation of vacuum or suction roller massage consists of a vacuum system with massage rollers and caused by mechanical stimulation, an improvement of the skin tissue. Treatments with the MULTISONIC MASSAGE 3036 encourage the skin to revitalize, stimulate growths of natural collagen and cause tissue tightening. Intensive active support in treatments to reduce excess body fat, orange peel and cellulite. The multifunction device MULTISONIC MASSAGE 3036 is especially preventively highly effective and outperforms because of its performance, the effectiveness of well-known requirements. The suction roll system consists of massage heads with adjustable suction power and movable rollers. The skin is sucked and massaged controllable between the rollers. Already the first treatment with the MULTISONIC MASSAGE 3036 show beautiful results. The skin becomes smooth and elastic.


The multifunction device MULTISONIC MASSAGE 3036 delivers excellent results in the following applications:


Weight reduction and elimination of local fat deposits on the hands, the legs, the shoulders and the back, the legs and the buttocks.

Streamlining and increased skin elasticity.


Improving the silhouette.

Smoothing out wrinkles.

Improvement of cell metabolism and blood circulation.

Improvement of blood circulation.

Pain relief for arthritis.

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