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Musclender uses HI-EMT (High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer) technology to induce forced muscular contraction with transmitting electrical impulses generated by electromagnetic fields. HI-EMT is a technology that helps the rehabilitation and development of muscles making contraction and relaxation movements. It produces an effect of intensity that is difficult to achieve through voluntary workout under normal circumstances. After 30 minutes of use, patients experience an automatic reaction which is equivalent to an intensive strength exercise such as 2,000 squats or sit-ups resulting in more toned and firmer muscle of ABS, thighs and buttocks. Musclender enables to bring the effects without pain, downtime nor any discomfort in a non-invasive way.

[How it works]

-Muscle workout : Musclender induces strong contractions on targeted muscle selectively.

-Microscopic Tears : Microscopic Tears are caused as a consequence of strong contraction of muscles. To recover those damages, satellite cells do cell division and fusion around treated area.

-Muscle repair and growth : Muscle recovers and rebuilds gradually, resulting in muscle growth(Hypertroph) & multiply of myofibers slightly (Hyperplasia).

[Practical 2 applicators]

-Musclender Musclender equips with 2 applicators to treat multiple body areas. By placing the applicator to treatment area such as ABS, thighs and buttocks, the targeted musclesd will be exposed to electronic magnetic field generated by the applicators.

-Enable to treat multiple sites

-Time saving treatment

-Increase user satisfaction

-Enable to treat targeted muscle selectively

-Safer & Effective treatment

-Recommendable for patients who need workout in a specific area

Product name :Musclender Electromanetic muscle stimulator

Technology : Electromagnetic System

Power consumption : 3KVA

Dimension: 450(W) x 600(D) x 1250(H) mm

Weight : 72kg

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