Neodymium laser

Neodymium laser

The invention of the laser opened a new era in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Neodymium lasers have made an invaluable contribution to modern surgery and dentistry. This is an indisputable fact! It is used for liposuction, the removal of old tattoos, the removal of deep scars and scars on the skin, the treatment of diseases of the vascular system and much more.

Neodymium laser is most actively used to remove unwanted unwanted hair, such hair removal is very popular. The following information will help you familiarize yourself with the device and its properties.

Neodymium laser - how does it work?

The distinguishing feature of the neodymium laser is that its beam penetrates the skin to a depth of 6-8 mm. The wavelength and power are set by the specialist, depending on the situation. The energy emitted by a solid state laser emitter is absorbed by melanin, oxyhemoglobin and then penetrates under the skin. The beams of such a laser device are not scattered, they act only where necessary.

When removing pigmentation spots of various types, its light energy is transformed into heat, due to the heating of hemoglobin, the blood coagulates and the vessels come together and stop functioning. This effect does not apply to healthy blood vessels.

The best neodymium laser is the one that has the additional function of interchangeable manipulators - manipulators with various functions. Professionals use such nozzles for their intended purpose according to the indications.

Use of neodymium lasers

Removal of unwanted hair. The laser destroys the blood vessels that feed the follicle. Effectively removes hair of any color and hardness.

Rejuvenating effect. Heating of collagen-elastin fibers occurs, the tone increases, and the skin becomes tight.

Removal of permanent and old tattoos. The laser destroys the pigment by crumbling it.

Treatment of diseases of the vascular system: cuperosis, rosacea, hemangiomas. In this case a special gel with a freezing effect is used, the ray of light penetrates through the gel and acts on the vessel, reduces them and the skin renews its color.

Removal of scars. Here, the specialist will need a neodymium laser combined with an erbium laser to completely remove the scars.

The price of a neodymium laser can be very varied, it all depends on the country of the manufacturer and the guarantees provided by the manufacturer.

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