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Adjustable Conditions

Using the presented apparatus, a cosmetologist can perform such manipulations:

removal of unwanted hair on any part of the body and face;

reduced visibility or complete elimination of age spots of various origins;

smoothing stretch marks after pregnancy or weight loss / weight gain;

removal of tattoos of varying complexity;

correction of age-related changes, including wrinkles and dull complexion;

narrowing of enlarged pores;

acne and acne treatment;

normalization of the sebaceous glands;

treatment of vascular lesions such as rosacea or telangiectasia;

elimination of post-acne, scars, small scars.

The main advantage of this model is that to achieve the best results of the procedure, a specialist can use several operating modes in one session.

Operating principle

A distinctive feature of the ETHEREAL model is the Dye Pulse Light technology, which belongs to the new generation of E-light technology. The technique is designed to rejuvenate with the help of light, but, unlike the traditional IPL, it generates a precisely specified wavelength. It is used in the correction of pigmentation and vascular lesions, since the main goal of the light source is the pigment melanin.

In addition to DPL, the device is equipped with SHR laser technology. The abbreviation stands for Super Hair Removal. The difference from DPL is that only part of the SHR energy is absorbed by melanin, and the rest of it is aimed at the stem cells of the hair. This allows you to achieve positive hair removal results on any type of skin.

The third technology that is available to cosmetologists is the radiation of an Nd: YAG laser. It is used in the removal of both professional and amateur tattoos of various colors. It can also be used to remove unwanted vegetation on dark skin tones.

Equipment advantages

Competitive advantages of the presented equipment are:

The absence of invasiveness minimizes the risk of side effects, as well as dispense with anesthesia and a rehabilitation period.

The presence of three cooling systems guarantees a painless procedure and the absence of side effects or complications, therefore it can be used safely on any type of skin.

Designed to correct a wide range of conditions.

The accuracy of the wavelength and the energy efficiency of DPL allows you to perform the procedure much faster than traditional devices.

Due to the presence of a sapphire crystal, the energy delivery is strictly local without scattering to surrounding tissues, which improves the effect of the procedure. The same factor affects the duration of the system.

The device is equipped with Multi-Pulse technology, which is adjustable, which allows you to choose your own spectrum of the necessary radiation for each skin type and individual condition.

An intelligent system for automatically calibrating the optical path ensures the stability of the output energy of the light source.

Among other things, the installation case is made of durable and easy to clean material, so that it will not only be easy to operate, but also to service.


But with all its advantages, equipment cannot be used if the patient has at least one contraindication from the following:

pregnancy and lactation;

cardiovascular pathology;

endocrine system diseases;

infectious diseases in the acute stage;

mental disorders;

feverish conditions;

mechanical skin injuries;

inflammatory and purulent processes on the skin;

menstruation (with bikini hair removal).

Before performing any manipulation, a specialist should examine the patient and familiarize himself with his medical history in order to verify the positive outcome of the procedure.


If you are interested in the equipment presented, you can purchase it at the best price in the online store.

In addition, we provide our customers with the opportunity to undergo free training on working with equipment. Training courses are held both in the main office of the company, and remotely via Skype, after which you will be issued a certificate. At the time of purchase, you receive a warranty card for after-sales service in case of a malfunction.

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