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We present to cosmetologists an innovative stationary device for the fastest and most effective elimination of fatty deposits, cellulite manifestations and body remodeling. The PALLADIUM device uses non-invasive techniques of non-vacuum cryolipolysis, electroporation and shock wave therapy (ESWT). This combination of techniques in the shortest possible time and with the minimum duration of sessions provides not only the removal of excess fat layer, but also helps to tighten the skin in places where fat is removed, stimulates all metabolic processes in cells, accelerates fluid excretion and improves blood circulation in cells. With the PALLADIUM stationary device, beauticians will be able to achieve more complete, faster and longer-term clinical results in the treatment of cellulite manifestations, reduction of lipid tissue and restoration of normal skin condition.

Features of the technologies used

Non-vacuum cryolipolysis is a technique for removing lipid deposits using local temperature exposure (controlled tissue cooling). A feature is the complete rejection of the use of vacuum suction and, as a result, the absence of swelling and bruising in the area of ​​the procedure.

Electroporation is the use of weak electrical impulses of various shapes to stimulate muscles and bioelectrical processes, which contribute to the faster decomposition of the fat layer while improving metabolism, achieving a tonic effect, and improving blood circulation. Due to the simultaneous use of cryolipolysis and bioelectrostimulation, it is possible to restore the normal state of tissues much faster, to ensure a decrease in volumes, and to improve the shape of the body. The E-CRYO combined handles have a uniquely shaped work surface that creates perfect contact with the skin surface and increases work efficiency. During the session, you can use from 1 to 4 handpieces, which allows you to process large areas or several separate areas of the body at once.

Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is a shock wave technology modified for anti-cellulite therapy. The technique is based on the use of pulses in the form of a beam of focused acoustic waves, which produce a shock effect on cells. This technique can be used not only for the "breakdown" of lipid tissue, but also for other types of correction of aesthetic imperfections. In the PALLADIUM device, ESWT shock wave technology is used following cryo-treatment for faster destruction of adipocytes. Using three interchangeable attachments of different sizes, cosmetologists can perform different types of action on tissues, thereby accelerating the processing and elimination of lipids, stimulating collagen regeneration in the subdermal layer, improving blood supply to cells and lymph flow.

PALLADIUM advantages

What are the unique features of this model and what guarantees its advantages in cryolipolysis?

The advantages are:

an innovative combination of freezing, massage and shock action on adipocytes, providing excellent treatment results;

absolute safety of the procedure for clients and staff;

complex effect on lipid deposits, skin and muscles;

the speed and effectiveness of treatment are increased more than 3 times compared to other equipment models;

reduction in the volume of treated areas up to 6.8 cm and the ability to eliminate from 40% to 70% of the fat layer;

large area of ​​cultivated areas;

short total duration of sessions - 30 minutes of cryotherapy and 5 minutes of shock wave exposure;

high profitability due to minimal time consumption and a small number of personnel;

minimal downtime due to the absence of the need for maintenance;

the ergonomic design of the equipment ensures high efficiency and comfortable working conditions.

Using the PALLADIUM cryolipolysis apparatus in their work, cosmetologists can significantly speed up the treatment and increase the number of visitors they serve during the day, which means they can achieve a significant increase in the salon's profit and increase its popularity among customers.


Shock wave frequency, Hz 1-21

Pressure, Bar 1-6

Shock> 2.000.000

EMS frequency, 4000 Hz

EMS waveform 3 kinds

Temperature, ° C  -10 ~ 45

E-CRYO gaskets: 4 things.

Number of cryomanipules, pcs. 4

CE, ROHS certification

Warranty, month 12

Manufacturer Korea

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