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Pedicure and manicure brings a lot of joy not only to clients, but also to a beautician. To maximize the positive effect, the head of cosmetology business must take care of the complete arrangement of his office: starting from the acquisition of all "little things" and ending with the purchase of a professional manicure chair. The presented version of the manicure chair is a wonderful choice for professional practice. The chair has an automatic control, which will change the position of the client with ease. In addition, it can be used for other important cosmetic and medical procedures. So buying it, you buy a chair for many employees in your salon. People, who came to get a manicure procedure, will be happier to be in this comfortable chair rather than on an uncomfortable couch or unprofessional chair. The pedicure chair KPE-1 is a solution of many problems in developing cosmetic business. The chair is powered by a standard voltage source.

The chair has four engines. Legs of a seat are adjustment by length. Dimensions of a chair are 190 86 71 cm.

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