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Intense pulsed light from a pulsed light system (or laser) is selectively from the dark pigment (melanin) absorbs the hair shaft, the light energy is converted into heat thereby. Thereby, the hair bulb is heated to about 70 degrees, the cells there thermally destroyed (proteins) and finally dissolved by the body. In contrast, the low pigmented skin remains thermally unaffected. When fully damage the growth zone pushes no more hair, the removal of hair is permanent.

How does photoepilation in principle

The photoepilation is similar to the laser treatments - with the difference that you do not work with a laser beam but with an intense pulsed light, which is emitted by a flash lamp. The color pigment melanin - a pigment that gives skin and hair its natural color - takes on this light energy and thereby become heated. This heat (70 C) passes the melanin in the hair follicles and destroys them by. Result: The follicles are no longer capable of producing new hair. The functional mechanism of Pulslichtenthaarung is thus comparable to that of laser epilation. Since the Blitzlichtenthaarung is based on the destruction of the hair pigment melanin, it is efficient especially in melanin rich, so dark hair.

What happens during a treatment

Before undergoing Pulslichtenthaarung you should be examined by a dermatologist. It is also to be recommended to carry out a photoepilation of a real professional who specializes in this treatment method. Before treatment, sunbathing, solarium and shaving are (about 3 days in advance) to avoid. To carry out the Pulslichtenthaarung the existing before the hairs are cleaned area to be treated and abgeschminkt shaved. Subsequently, a light-conducting gel in a thin layer is applied to the skin to ensure optimum light transmission. Also an anesthetic cream is applied to a pain-free treatment to guarantee. Because of the strong influence of heat the skin during the treatment is continuously cooled with gel pad. To protect your eyes wear everyone involved throughout the Enthaarungsphase goggles. To achieve a perfect result are multiple treatments necessary in a multi-week interval. The best results have been recorded at fair skin and dark hair.


The photoepilation is as efficient as the laser epilation. After treatment, new hair grow very slowly and very fine. Although the hair removal is not permanent, but of life: The results last up to 5 years. The method is virtually painless: You only have to feel a slight tingling or burning. The entire treatment area of the handpiece is actively cooled. Thus, before, the treated skin area around the contact surface is cooled during and after each pulse. This is the reason for the particularly gentle and painless hair removal using this equipment. This distinguishes this method is also much of the so-called Electroepilation (or: needle epilation). When Electroepilation a hair-thin needle is very accurate - inserted into the skin - parallel to the hair shaft and to the right depth. With exact handling of the device, the result is very good, but this is precisely the problem: Will not worked absolutely professionally in Electroepilation, it may cause slight skin burns or inflammation of the hair follicle from which scars and pigment spots can develop, The Electroepilation is perceived by many to be painful. Therefore, a local anesthetic is usually coated on the epilation skin region before the treatment. This is not necessary with active cooling, in Photoepilation ,, especially when using our ESTI 200th


Depending on the area of the body, the treatment must be repeated 5 to 10 times. Convert as for eyebrows with 4, for the legs with 8 sessions. Side effects are very rare, if properly used, and careful adjustment of the treatment parameters. Depending on the skin type and the set treatment parameters can in the treated area redness occur gelegnetlich also a slight swelling. These symptoms usually disappear quickly cooling the affected areas of skin relieves occurring side effects. Rarely severe reactions were observed in principle possible to sunburn-like symptoms or burns. In their follow-hypo- or hyperpigmentation may occur, so the skin appear after the treatment partially brighter (or darker), these stains regress over time by itself. Is almost always the cause of the problems described that natural or artificial sun baths were taken without adequate sun protection of the affected parts of the body before or after the treatment.

Things to Know

The hairs to be treated must be darker than the skin, but usually is the case. With bright, gray or red hair is discouraged by the treatment. The photoepilation must be performed in dark skin types with great caution, because their skin contains a lot of melanin. For pregnant women and children, the flash lamp technology is absolutely prohibited. Even in the event florid skin infections (herpes), certain diseases in UV radiation-sensitive skin types or when taking photosensitizing drugs is the Photoepilation avoid. In the 2 weeks (at least!) After treatment, the epilated zones may be suspended under any circumstances stronger sunlight in order to avoid the formation of pigmentation spots. The Pulslichtenthaarung is therefore recommended, especially in winter.

By Photoepilator ESTI 200, we offer a high-quality instrument for successful implementation of photoepilation. It has a color liquid crystal display and has an additional, active cooling system for the skin.

Technical parameters

Pulse duration: 1 - 20 ms

7-inch color liquid crystal display

Pulse sequence: 1 - 15 pulses

IPL Power: 1 - 50 J / cm2

RF output power: 250 W

Weight: 27 kg

Dimensions: 52 x 48 x 32 cm

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