Photorejuvenation and photoepilation machine - ESTI-150c SHR

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Intense pulsed light

Wavelength HR: 650-950nm SR: 560-950nm

Fluence IPL: 10-50J / cm2

20E-light: 10-50J / cm2

SHR: 1-10J / cm2

IPL Frequency: 1 Hz

E - light: 1 Hz

SHR: HR: 1-8Hz, SR: 1-2Hz

Radio Frequency: 1 - 30W

Power: 3000W

Power Source: Pure Sapphire

Lamp: UK made

Spot area: 10 * 40 mm, 15 * 50 mm

Cooling system: water + semiconductor + air cooling

LCD screen: 10.4 inches, touch screen control

Weight: 50 kg

Machine size: 345 mm × 520 mm × 1090 mm

Package Size: 570 mm × 660 mm × 1200 mm

Fuse: Ø5 × 20

Power consumption: AC 220 V ± 20% 10 A, 50 H Z (50 H Z), AC 110 V ± 10% 10 A 20 A, 60H Z

Operating temperature: 10 - 30 C

Photoepilation has gained incredible popularity in recent years and more and more beauty salons provide such services. To perform high-quality photoepilation, you need special equipment, which is presented in full, in the catalog of goods of the UMS Beauty online store.

The cosmetologist is presented with a cosmetology device - ESTI -150 c SHR which will carry out high-quality and painless photoepilation without threatening the health of the client. This device reproduces three popular technologies: IPL, E-Light. and SHR, each of which has its own characteristics and distinctive features.

IPL is one of the most common methods of photoepilation, which involves the use of a TPL - system, with a light source generating high-efficiency light radiation. The characteristics of the wavelength depend on the settings of the equipment and range from 500 to 1200 nm.

Advantages of the method:

- the hair shaft absorbs a light flash, and nearby tissues are not affected;

- a large depth of penetration into the structure of the epidermis, reaches the level of occurrence of the hair follicle;

- the flash frequency is tuned in such a way that makes it possible for thermal relaxation of the hair follicle.

Intensity parameters, when the device operates in IPL mode, have their drawbacks, during exposure, the client, one way or another, is exposed to radiation of ineffective length. This technology of hair removal is suitable for owners of dark vegetation on fair skin, fair hair is less susceptible to removal, and the risk of getting a negative result is very high.

E-light photo technology is one of the unique technologies that combines visible light and radio waves, which leads to a significant reduction in the level of light energy, and makes the hair removal process safe.

This method is based on the heating of the hair shaft by the radio waves and its ability to absorb. Such heating leads to the destruction of the hair follicle, which, as a rule, does not resume its vital activity.

This combined effect shows excellent results.

IPL and E-light have a very high efficiency, but at the same time, if the technology is used incorrectly, burns and even age spots can occur. Using the ESTI-150c SHR requires serious training and experience in conducting procedures. If you make a purchase in the online store of UMS Beauty, you will be given the opportunity to undergo free training on the use of equipment, followed by the issuance of a certificate.

Third technology or SHR - concept. It is characterized by gradual heating of the skin, to the temperature of the destruction of the follicle and the subsequent cessation of hair growth. With such a soft and comfortable warming up, the tissues remain intact, the integrity of the skin is not violated.

SHR method eliminates the occurrence of discomfort, the procedure is safe and fast. the result of such hair removal is smooth and velvety skin, without redness, irritation and ingrown hairs.

SHR stands for Super Hair Removal. A feature of this laser is the ability to produce light with a length of 808 nm. The specialist conducting the procedure gradually moves the maniple along the client’s body and generates impulses with a certain frequency and intensity. The laser flash repetition rate is 10 Hz. The laser flash is completely absorbed by the melanin of the hair shaft, and the skin is not exposed to heat, the burn is completely excluded.

The wavelength of the diode laser corresponds to the optical window, which allows light to actively penetrate the skin, that is, the laser beam penetrates the upper layer of the skin, it is absorbed only when it reaches the hair follicle. Heat is generated, which damages the melanocytes, and also affects the cells closest to them.

If we compare SHR photoepilation and other conventional technologies, the differences are obvious, other technologies involve faster heating of the hair with pulses with a low repetition rate. Customers with these procedures feel a burning sensation and burns may remain.

Innovative SHR technology does not allow overheating of the skin surface, the energy concentration is distributed over the entire surface area. such distinctive advantages have made the apparatus for photorejuvenation and photoepilation

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