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Your attention to the site presented picosecond neodymium laser VS-170. The main advantage of the model is three types of radiation, due to which the cosmetologist will be able to expand the range of services with the help of the device.

Available functionality

The main purpose of the VS-170 laser is the removal of tattoos of any type - from amateur to professional, besides all types of pigments, as well as the removal of permanent makeup. But the presence of three types of radiation expands the range of possibilities for a cosmetologist, so that with the help of the presented model, a specialist can perform such manipulations:

correction of fine lines, facial and deep wrinkles;

the elimination of age spots;

lightening the skin, improving its tone;

non-surgical tightening of the dermis;

general rejuvenation of the skin;

carbon peeling.

During the procedure, the specialist has the opportunity to adjust the intensity, frequency and duration of the pulses, spot size and switching the quality factor.

Device features

The principle of operation of the VS-170 picosecond neodymium laser is photoacoustic. That is, the speed of the pulses generated by the device is only one trillionth of a second. This feature allows you to start cell renewal without thermal trauma to rejuvenate the skin. How is this happening.

When the laser sends ultrashort pulses into the dermis, they are instantly absorbed by the cells, not having time to heat up, but begin to expand, after which they are split into a million small particles. That is, there was a signal of a thermal hazard, as it were, but it itself is not. Thus, it is possible to restart the reorganization of cells without heating the epidermis: healthy cells begin to divide, a powerful metabolism starts, as a result of which the skin rejuvenates, becomes more elastic and elastic.

The result of using the device is visible after the first procedure, but a number of sessions may be required to achieve optimal results. The exact amount depends on the specific condition and individual characteristics of the patient's body.

At the same time, such lengthy intervals are not needed between the treatments of VS-170, as, for example, when using CO2, because its effect can be called cold otherwise. Therefore, already in 1-2 months it is possible to cope with any skin imperfections, and the effect of the procedure will increase for a few more months.

Technology benefits

The advantages of the VS-170 laser include:

Availability of FDA certification. This confirms not only the safety of using the device, but also its effectiveness.

Three types of radiation. Due to this feature, a specialist can perform a wide range of procedures without purchasing additional installations.

Lack of invasiveness. This allows the patient to return home immediately upon completion of the manipulation, and the next day to normal activities. As such, there is no rehabilitation period, but still for a day the patient will need to distract from all matters.

Painless execution. Due to this, during the procedure there is no need for anesthesia or painkillers. All that the patient can feel is warmth or a slight tingling that is easy to tolerate.

Universality. The device can be used on any skin phototype at all times of the year. It is also confirmed that the laser is safe for removing scars in children. In addition, the system is small in size, so it can even be placed on a cosmetology trolley so that it is always mobile.


Unfortunately, the use of the presented model is prohibited with the following contraindications:

malignant neoplasms;

mechanical skin injuries;

inflammatory dermatological processes;

mental disorders;

bleeding disorder;

pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding.

Before using a laser, a specialist must make sure that the patient does not have the above conditions so as not to harm his health.

Hardware Parameters

Type - picosecond neodymium laser

Type of device - small-sized stationary

Wavelength - 532/755/1064 nm

Spot size - 1-10 mm

Pulse Energy - 2000 mJ

Pulse Duration - 550-750 ns

Pulse frequency - 1-10 Hz

Q switch - yes

Management - color touch screen

Supply voltage - 220 V, 50 Hz

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