PMIX - 3 WAY 755/808/1064 nm hair removal laser

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One of the most popular treatments in beauty salons is hair removal. This procedure is required not only by women but also by modern men around the world. The result of removing unwanted hair largely depends on the quality of the equipment used.

The model of the PMIX - 3 WAY laser hair removal device is a modern form of realization of technological solutions for reliable and long-term hair removal. This model uses P-MIX technology, which allows you to use solid-state lasers with three wavelengths in one hose and reproduce the radiation from one, or all three. By purchasing such high quality equipment from the EMS Beauty company, it is possible to improve the level of customer service by carrying out a high quality hair removal.

The operating principle and purpose of PMIX - 3 WAY

The device occupies a leading position in the Italian market thanks to its uniqueness. The hose uses P-MIX technology, which represents an innovation in the world of laser technology and has numerous advantages. The three types of radiation - 808 nm, 755 nm and 1064 nm - allow a high quality hair removal of various types. The depth of the impact is established by the cosmetologist considering the characteristics of the type of hair, the depth of the follicles and the skin type of the client. The hair removal procedure is practically painless and the result is maintained for a long time.

The wavelength of radiation is characterized by a "transparency window" in the skin, it is able to produce effects at different depths and is absorbed by the skin in different ways, depending on the degree of melanin content.

Differences in light absorption have subordinated the use of radiation:

The wavelength of 755 nm is used to remove light hair on fair skin, the depth of penetration is minimal and can destroy hair follicles that are not deep;

Radiations with a wavelength of 808 nm are widely used by cosmetologists on the skin of any phototype, from light to dark, the surrounding tissues are not affected by this type of exposure;

The high power wavelength of 1064 nm is used for the epilation of dark or very tanned skin, the rays penetrate to the maximum depth and are able to destroy the follicles, this exposure mode will also be used for epilation of the bikini area, armpits and face.

The unique and multifunctional device with P-MIX technology will make the skin smooth and maintain the result for a long period. Customers note that hair often stops growing completely in the application area of ​​the device. For maximum results, not as many sessions are needed as for epilation with another type of laser.

Distinctive features of the PMIX - 3 WAY laser

The device has certain advantages and characteristics that distinguish it from similar models:

the procedures are absolutely safe for the customer's health;

already after the first application the effect is evident, which persists for a long time;

the cooling system of the skin surface completely eliminates the possibility of sunburn and makes the procedure painless;

use of an emitter from the best factory in Germany;

optimal dimensions of the work surface, area 12 x 23 mm;

minimal exposure to skin radiation during the procedure;

modern design;

the software offers the possibility to adjust the operation of the device.

A simple multifunction management interface allows you to adjust the laser power settings, all settings are made through a large color touch screen. The specialist adjusts the settings based on the client's gender, hair type, skin type and area of ​​application. A separate settings panel adjusts the laser power and automatically tracks the operating mode. In addition, the control system allows you to pre-configure the session and put the laser in standby mode with the preservation of the set parameters or, at the request of the operator, save the settings in the device memory for later use. To find out more about the functions of the equipment, contact the managers of the EMS Beauty company on the telephone numbers indicated on the website.

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