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To accurately diagnose the condition of the skin and prescribe appropriate treatment, dermatologists use special equipment, one of these models is a UMS-S1 dermatoscope. It is based on the most advanced imaging technology.

Externally, this device resembles a small pen with a rotatable LCD screen, on the back of which there is a portal for connecting the lens. The device allows you to inspect and diagnose the condition of the skin in any conditions due to autonomous nutrition, with the ability to work continuously for 3 hours.

The lens has high technical characteristics and a white LED, which provides a very high-quality image. The specialist observes the results of the study on a 3-inch LCD screen with a large inspection area. Thanks to these characteristics, the device transmits an image with high color accuracy.

A dermatoscope allows you to simultaneously conduct an examination and save its results to a memory card. Saving the results is possible in the form of separate graphic (JPEG and BMP) and video (AVI) files on a removable memory card. For further processing of the examination results (viewing and printing), the dermatoscope can be connected to external devices via the mini-USB interface.

Distinctive features of the UMS-S1 dermatoscope:

The ability to use interchangeable lenses to expand the functionality of the device;

It is equipped with a high-resolution display, which has large viewing angles for more comfortable work with the device;

The display has a minimum color difference for different viewing angles;

Light weight and small size allow you to conduct examinations in almost medical facilities and in various emergency situations;

Records high resolution images to the memory card and allows you to save information in the form of video files;

It is possible to connect via USB-interface to external devices for processing and printing reports;

When connected to a large monitor, the image is displayed simultaneously on both screens (dermatoscope display and external);

Light weight, small dimensions and long battery life provide the ability to use the device in a variety of conditions.

Turning to the consultants of Ukrainian Medical Systems, you will receive comprehensive information about the possibilities and rules for using the UMS-S1 dermatoscope. Having completed the purchase of the device through the site www.massage-systems.com.ua, our customers from Kiev will be invited to a free master class, and specialists from other regions of Ukraine can undergo training via videoconference. Cooperation with the Ukrainian Medical Systems company is always high reliability and comfort.

Main characteristics:

Type of equipment Electronic Dermatoscope

Resolution, pixels 720x480

Light Source Natural White (LED)

Screen LCD screen, size 3 inches

File Format JPEG, BMP, AVI

Media Micro SD Flash Card

Interface 1 mini USB, 1 AV-OUT, 1 SD card slot

Power Supply Lithium Battery

Time of continuous work, hours 3

Battery charging time, hours 5


Network adapter:

Input parameters ~ 110V 60Hz, ~ 220V 50Hz

Output parameters DC 5V 500mA


Terms of Use:

Air temperature, ° C + 10 ... + 40

Relative humidity ≤80%

Atmospheric pressure, hPa 860 ... 1060

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