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Features skrabera ultrasonic Skin Cleaner LW-006

Portable Ultrasonic skraber Skin Cleaner LW-006 was created to perform peeling at home. Its use will enable the skin to "breathe" and improve the metabolic processes in the epidermis. Apparatus LW-006 will provide a sustained action creams and masks due to their penetration to great depths.

The model has a clever design, convenient operation, increased power output, which allows for professional use when performing procedures at home and beauty salon.

Skraber Skin Cleaner LW-006 is used for peeling, micro-massage, toning and lifting the skin. The device is a single operating unit, equipped with a display and control panel. Power supply The device is 220V.

The buttons on the control panel allow you to change:

- Operation

- The intensity of the vibrations

- working hours

Skin Cleaner LW-006 is used for:

- Expansion of the pores

- Withering skin

- Lowering the tone and elasticity of the skin

- The presence of sebaceous plugs

- Surface comedones (black spots)

- The presence of the stratum corneum of the skin.

 Features ultrasonic scrubber

The frequency of the ultrasonic waves of 18-24 kHz
Output power 0.6-1.2 W / cm2
Timer 1 - 20 minutes
General characteristics

Dimensions 25 x 7 x 20
Power 5 W
12 V
Weight 0.2 kg

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