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Features ultrasonic skrabera BC807
Basic specifications
The operating frequency of the oscillation, xs: 28.0
The number of levels of exposure: 2
Working hours on a single charge, hours, not less than 2
Power Options
AC adapter (input parameters): AC 100-240V 50 / 60Hz
AC adapter (output parameters): DC 5,5V 0,5A
Parameters Battery: DC 3,7V 1000mAh
Maximum power: 1,2W 10%
Battery charging time: 3 hours.
Skraber BC-807: 1
Charger: 1
Instructions: 1
Other characteristics
The size of the package (DhShhT), see: 23h18h7,5
Dimensions skrabera, see: 17h5,2h2
Skrabera Weight without packaging kg: 0,125

Ultrasonic skraber BC-807 - a miniature, lightweight and convenient device, which is the best choice for high-quality cleaning and leveling the surface of the skin. The device is manufactured as a single unit with a control panel and a working tool trapezoidal shape. Skraber has a built-in timer for convenience.
Management BC-807 is produced by only two buttons.
Skraber BC-807 executes programs peeling, phonophoresis, micro-massage and galvanizing.
The procedures can be performed using continuous and pulsed modes of action.
Ultazvukovoy peeling removes the horny layer of the epidermis, activates microcirculation in the tissues, produces micro cell for the improvement of all metabolic processes in tissues, regulates the activity of sebaceous glands and has anti-inflammatory action.
Ultrasonic phonophoresis facilitates the introduction of cosmetic products into the deeper layers of the skin by increasing the ability of cells to diffuse.

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