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The Fisiopress FP 100 is the professional device for the treatment of effective and homogeneous pressure therapy. There are 2 versions of this device the standard version with the analogue pressure gauge and the Digital version which is on the photo. This version is indicated in venous and lymphatic pathalogies where with the 12 sections it is possible to spread the pressure on the inside limb in each of its sections. The Fisiopress FP 100 is an indispensable tool also in the treatment of the upper limb where the cuff is divided into 12 sectors which guarantee excellent results.

This appliance is designed for professional use only, it has the CE medical mark and using Fisiopress FP 100 it is necessary to follow the instructions of the method and only in this way can the best effects be obtained.

Pressotherapy is used to improve blood circulation and the lymphatic system, to combat cellulite and reduce water retention from lymphoedema, redefine certain parts of the body (usually the legs), encourage the elimination of toxic substances from the body.

During the pressotherapy treatment they foresee the application of a pressure at the level of the area to be treated. With the Fisiopress FP 100 device, the pressure therapy treatment will be efficient and resultant.

Technical features:

Sequential pressure therapy with pressure-proximal gradient distributed on 12 outlets. It is possible to treat one or two limbs simultaneously.

Pressure range: 0 160 mm of Hg. (on an applied terminal)

Operating cycle: 30 sec.

High pressure alarms: acoustic, automatic shutdown.

Low pressure alarms: acoustic, connection disconnection.

It includes the graph of programmable functions and pressures.


It has a display where the pressure values ​​are displayed and the treatment time can be programmed, the alarm thresholds are pre-set. The treatment time can be adjusted manually or automatically. Also included is the automatic shutdown at the end of therapy in the deflation phase. Only Fisiopress appliances have the communicating sector distribution system: D.A.S.C. (Communicating sector distribution). Thanks to this unique system, it is possible to obtain an even homogeneous pressure on each chamber in the meantime which are filled with air and thus allow the terminals to adapt to the geometry of the limb and compress it in a uniform manner without the danger of stagnant or inverse flows.


12 sectors are available for the lower limb, that is the legs and foot, separated for a better adaptation to the length of the limb in question. Possibility of simultaneous connection of the pair of leggings with the abdominal band.


For the upper limb cuff 12 sectors are available with separate hand. Each terminal includes parallel and partially overlapping internal sections.

Possibility of regulating the circular dimension thanks to special zippers:

4 in the lower limb

3 in the upper limb

The following accessories can be purchased separately: upper (12 sectors), cuff (12 sectors), separate arm-hand (12 sectors), abdominal band (2 or 4 sectors), duplication set in pouch.

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