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Pressotherapy. Lymphatic against fat and cellulite.

An active metabolism ensures effective reduction of body fat and minimizes cellulite. An important role plays the lymphatic system. It regulates the entire metabolic processes in the body. With its net-like lymphatics it serves as a transport route for the lymph, an aqueous liquid that cleans the intermediate tissues of all non-recyclable substances such as fats from the digestive or dead cells. But lack of exercise and poor diet are often responsible for ensuring that the lymph flow falters. What to do with the dead cells, toxins, bacteria, fungi and foreign particles? Similar to a municipal sewer system that will no longer be cleaned would, in our bodies gradually accumulate the waste of metabolism, thus hindering the drain. The acid-base balance gets into imbalance. The lymphatic system is tough and syrupy. As a result, your metabolism slows down and hence the fat burning. Our bodies would literally suffocate in waste. The fat deposition in the connective tissue (formation of fat deposits) starts.

And these are the alarm signals:

- You feel tired and no longer function

- It does not work more with the weight loss?

- Stubborn body fat builds up at the famous problem areas belly, legs and buttocks?

- Increasing cellulite on the stomach, legs and buttocks?

In order for the fat metabolism gains momentum must flow the lymph. A popular and very pleasant therapy to activate the lymph flow is the lymphatic drainage massage and pressotherapy.

The unique pressure therapy acts as a so-called "mechanical lymphatic drainage" by means of a pumping system. During a pressure therapy session, the patient puts on an inflatable suit. By the air pressure, a gradual pressure on the blood vessels is applied, the reflux is facilitated in the veins and improves the blood circulation. The limbs feel immediately lighter. The method is based on the method of Danish biologist Dr. Emil Vodder. A preset and can be programmed individually, wave-like pressure acts in sections specifically on the problem areas.

Fields of application:

- Cellulite (orange peel);

- Poor connective tissue;

- Water retention in the legs (heavy legs);

- As a complementary measure for losing weight with ultrasound;

- Disturbance of the distribution of adipose tissue;

- Varicose and spider veins.

A mechanical lymphatic drainage is suitable for all, where there is nothing against a manual massage. With varicose veins and thrombosis is however not recommended.


The control unit of Pressotherapiegeräts AIR PRESS 3032/12 12 has 12 channels, is very compact and easy to use. You can just move on four wheels and has a futuristic design. The machine includes a suit with 12 independently inflatable chambers. The Pressotherapiegeräts AIR PRESS 3032/12 12 has a wide range of applications, from cosmetic to medical applications.

- Fight with kilograms and centimeters;

- Improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage;

- Improvement of stress resistance of the body;

- Improve intestinal activity (thanks to the muscle contractions);

- Withdrawal of excess liquid;

- Rehabilitation after surgery;

- Hypertension.

The device can not only produce high pressure, but also vacuum. Thus the blood circulation through the dilated vessels in the muscles and the upper layers of skin and metabolic processes can be improved. The intervals and other parameters are programmed in specific programs, but can also be programmed according to individual applications.

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