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Pressotherapy is a procedure that helps normalize the work of the entire body, reduce the thickness of fat deposits, and return lost forms under the influence of increased air pressure in a special suit on different parts of the body.

With the help of pressotherapy, you can:

get rid of excess weight;

treat cellulite;

adjust body shape;

relieve tension after physical exertion;

increase the tone of the whole body and much more.

The main advantage of this procedure is a short execution time, complete painlessness and high efficiency. But in order to carry out such a procedure, the craftsman must have a pressotherapy device.

The AS-8310 C2T pressotherapy device is an excellent and reliable assistant that will cope with all tasks efficiently and quickly.

The device has three automatic work programs:

active anti-cellulite effect on problem areas, lymphatic drainage;

loyal correction of body shapes;

Lymphatic drainage is an effect on the lymphatic vessels.

In addition to these programs, the device allows manual adjustment of session modes.

The device is equipped with a special suit consisting of 16 air cushions (lumbar part, compartment for arms and legs), which are used both locally and comprehensively. The use of cyclically changing pressure on the body allows you to improve lymph flow and blood flow, remove toxins and excess fluid from the body, and stimulate all vital processes. The result will be improved well-being, relief of fatigue, reduction of fat deposits and modeling of body contours.

A feature of the suit is the possibility of additional increase in the volume of sections. So, the volume of the section for the legs in the upper part of the thigh is 92 cm and can be additionally increased by 8-10 cm thanks to the use of special adjusting belts.

The AS-8310 C2T pressotherapy device will return health and a sense of lightness to the client, and will ensure success and popularity to the cosmetology salon.

Main characteristics

The number of sections of the suit is 16

The number of automatic programs is 3

Power network parameters 110/220V 50-60 Hz

Power, W 70 

General characteristics

The size of the package with the control unit, cm 51x40x29

Weight, kg 10.8

The size of the package with the suit, cm 90x40x13

Weight, kg 10.4

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