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One of the most priority tasks of aesthetic medicine is the fight against excess weight. Pressotherapy - an innovative direction in cosmetology - not only successfully solves this urgent task, but also has a number of positive side effects that allow you to "kill" two or more birds at once

In particular, the device for pressotherapy model B-8310A is intended for:

elimination of swellings of various etymologies;

struggle with extra pounds;

rehabilitation after liposuction and other invasive interventions;

muscle recovery after long and heavy loads;

general improvement and rejuvenation of the body.

The main purpose of the B-8310A unit is to remove excess moisture and improve blood flow. This device has a light, gentle effect on the body, which is why it is indispensable in the presence of contraindications to other types of procedures that provide lymphatic drainage, if there are none: pressotherapy only enhances the effect of beauty manipulations that reduce centimeters and kilograms.

The B-8310A is equipped with an eight-channel suit that has separate components for the legs (boots), arms (extended gloves) and a wide belt for the waist and back. The suit is connected to the device with the help of special cuffs, the control panel of which - portable and functional - will help to choose an individual massage mode, based on the characteristics of the patient's body.

The B-8310A model has additional advantages:

high efficiency of procedures;

there are several automatic procedures execution modes and a manual control mode;

ensures complete safety of the patient's health;

allows you to treat individual parts of the body and carry out complex treatment of the whole body;

differs in ease of management and operation;

microprocessor control of all operating modes is applied;

highest reliability;

small dimensions.


Characteristics of the device S 170 A/AS-8310A

Main characteristics

Average duration of the procedure, min. to 30

The number of air supply channels is 8

Complete set (maximum possible) device S170A, pcs. 1

leg bandage, pc. 2

waist bandage, pc. 1

arm bandage, pc. 2

Electrical parameters

Power network parameters 220V 50Hz

Power, W 70

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