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The EMS Beauty online store is pleased to present to your attention the B-8320T pressotherapy device. Distinctive features of the system are the 48-channel suit, the compact dimensions of the control unit and the availability of 7 working programs. With its help, the beautician will be able to carry out a number of figure correction procedures, the effectiveness of which will be many times higher.

  Indications for use

The main indications for the pressotherapy procedure are:

• body intoxication;

• cellulite;

• overweight;

• swelling of the body;

• local fat deposits;

• laxity of the skin;

• pain in the legs;

• muscle spasms;

• chronic fatigue;

• stressful state;

• vegetative dystonia;

• migraines and headaches;

• diabetic angiopathy;

• venous insufficiency;

• varicose disease;

• slowed lymph flow, blood flow, metabolic processes.

It is worth noting that the first positive changes will be visible immediately after the procedure. But the pronounced effect is achieved only after a full course. Usually it is from 10 to 15 sessions, the exact number of which depends on the specific condition of the patient and the individual characteristics of his body.

  Equipment capabilities

The pressotherapy device is a special suit that a person wears during the procedure. The effect on the body is produced by alternating supply and pumping of compressed air. The intervals between these processes are from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The main goal of the method is to activate the lymphatic drainage system.

The supply of compressed air involves "squeezing out" excess fluid, toxins, waste products and decay products from cells, as a result of which lymphatic drainage is established. And its pumping is intended to cause an active blood flow to the skin, which leads to the improvement of microcirculation, activation of blood circulation, increase in the tone of vessel walls. Thanks to this, it is possible to smooth out cellulite or reduce its severity, eliminate excess weight and get rid of local fat deposits, increase the elasticity of the skin, eliminating its laxity.

It is worth noting that there is no rehabilitation period after the procedure, since the method is non-invasive. And the manipulation is absolutely painless, so there is no need to use anesthesia or take painkillers.

  Excellent benefits

The B-8320T system has a number of features:

• The pressotherapy suit is equipped with 48 air supply channels, each of which can be controlled to treat specific areas of the body. In addition, it can be disassembled into separate sections.

• The presence of 7 programs allows the cosmetologist to perform a wide list of procedures.

• The control unit has small dimensions, thanks to which it is easy to place on a cosmetology cart and will be mobile when needed.

• During operation, the suit is almost silent, so the manipulation will pass without any discomfort for the patient.

• The device consumes a minimal amount of electricity to perform one procedure, which makes it cost-effective.

• Since the time of continuous work is 18 hours, a cosmetologist can perform a large number of procedures in a day. So the system will quickly pay for itself.

• In case of detection of errors or malfunctions, the notification system immediately signals this.

• Due to the simple control unit, both an experienced and a novice cosmetologist will be able to easily understand the settings.

• The excellent quality of the suit material makes it easy to clean it from dirt.

It is also worth noting that during work, the specialist has the opportunity to adjust the intensity of the air supply.


  Contraindications for use

Procedures using this device are prohibited until the patient has contraindications to them. These are:

• oncological diseases;

• infectious diseases;

• pathologies of the cardiovascular system;

• disorders in the work of the endocrine system;

• inflammatory and purulent processes on the skin;

• mechanical skin injuries;

• autoimmune diseases;

• tuberculosis;

• thrombosis;

• atherosclerosis;

• febrile conditions;

• presence of metal implants;

• built-in pacemaker;

• elevated temperature;

• pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The doctor is obliged to refuse the client to perform the manipulation if he finds at least one contraindication from the list below.

Order the device

Upon purchase, you will be offered the opportunity to undergo free training on how to use the device, after which you will receive a certificate.


Type: pressotherapy device

Complete set: suit for 48 channels

Air pressure: 100-200 mm Hg.

Power: 120 W

Voltage: 220-240 V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Weight: 28 kg

Warranty: 12 months

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