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EMS Beauty presents a small, economical and high-performance pressotherapy device B-8330, which can be used in beauty salons and at home due to its compact size and light weight. This small-sized device can in some cases replace a professional massage therapist, as it is able to perform a number of the most popular procedures aimed at improving the general condition of the human body, performing preventive and rehabilitative effects on the human body. At the same time, he uses 4 programs of pressotherapy, which are suitable for most tasks that are solved using this therapeutic technique.

Model B-8330 allows:

improve lymph circulation and blood circulation;

perform lymphatic drainage to remove excess fluid and toxins from the body;

reduce puffiness and promote the removal of excess fat deposits;

reduce the manifestations of cellulite;

reduce the likelihood of varicose veins of the lower extremities;

reduce fatigue, regulate physical activity;

increase the body's resistance to diseases;

carry out rehabilitation after severe illnesses or prolonged bed rest.

Four pre-installed programs are used for conducting sessions:

Health - the rhythmic change of pressure in the air chambers of the suit allows you to achieve a massage effect similar to manual massage. This program is used to improve blood circulation and lymph flow, prevent varicose veins, detoxify, relax muscles and joints, and relieve fatigue.

Beauty is a regimen used for intensive lymphatic drainage, removal of toxins from the body, to maintain body contours by removing excess fluid and reducing swelling.

Sports - this mode of operation is designed to stimulate blood circulation, "burn" excess fat, reduce and completely eliminate stagnant phenomena, tighten and restore muscle elasticity, as well as shape remodeling.

Massage is a program that provides a relaxation effect, designed to relax and relieve tension after intense physical or psychological stress.

During the procedure, a suit consisting of several separate sections and up to 20 air chambers is connected to the apparatus. Depending on the selected mode, air is cyclically pumped into the cuffs, creating increased pressure in certain areas or alternately in adjacent cuffs to create a wave effect that is ideal for decongestant or lymphatic drainage manipulations.

It should be remembered that pressotherapy with the use of B-8330 is not allowed in case of:

the presence of infectious diseases;

during the period of acute or exacerbation of chronic diseases;

if the visitor has cardiac diseases, as well as hypertension, impaired cerebral circulation or other severe health disorders;

tendency to bleeding;

in women during pregnancy and during menstruation.

When preparing for the conduct of a pressotherapy session, the operator can at his own discretion choose the work program, set the alternation of air injection periods, the maximum pressure in the suit chambers, set the duration of the session and set a number of other parameters that ensure the correct and effective conduct of the procedure.

On this page of the ems-beauty website, you can purchase the B-8330 pressotherapy and lymphatic drainage device and sign up for a free training course on how to use this device. At the buyer's request, training can be conducted at the company's training center or remotely.

The main technical parameters of the B-8330 device:

Number of air chambers: 20

Pressure in the suit: 120 - 240 mm Hg.

Air pump capacity: 50 l/min

Supply voltage: 200-240V 50Hz/100-120V 60Hz

Power: 120 W

Certification: CE, Rosh

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